20 Easter Basket Fillers for Babies and Toddlers

Are you looking for some inspiration for Easter basket fillers for your baby or toddler? I have some Easter basket filler ideas that would be great for your little one. These are all non-candy Easter and Spring themed items that the kids will love.

Easter basket filler ideas for baby and toddlers. 20 non-candy Easter fillers that kids will love.

From snuggly bunnies to grasping toys to help your baby grow, I have rounded up some perfect Easter basket fillers to make this Easter extra special for your little one. I know I am always on the hunt for new and fun items to put a smile on our children's faces.

You could buy a basket to put your Easter gifts in, or even better help the kids to make their own! Take a look at our DIY Easter tote bag and our Easter Basket made from a milk bottle. 

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Easter Basket Filler Ideas for Babies & Toddlers

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Wooden Bunny Toy| This is perfect if you have a little baby. Let them learn to grasp and play with it. Plus it is natural wood so it is antibacterial, just wipe with a damp cloth to clean.

Digging Easter T-Shirt| Here is a great t-shirt for a little boy, I love cute t-shirts or outfits that the kids can wear for the day.

Musical Duck| An interactive duck that lights up and plays music and really captures your baby's attention. This duck even flaps his wings!

Baby Socks| Colorful socks are a great filler for younger kids. It is colorful but also useful for your child to wear throughout the year.

Board Book| Give an Easter themed board book for your little one to have read to them or for them to flip through the pages on their own.

Grip Crayons| Not only are these crayons a fun shape but they are great for little hands to grip them easy! (or why not make your own DIY bunny crayons!)

Personalized Bundle Pack| Get a personalised placemat, stickers, and colouring book all with your child's name on it, to make it extra special.

Sidewalk Chalk| This glitter sidewalk chalk is so fun, and a perfect way to spend some time on a warm spring day! Plus you can't beat the bright fun colours to wow your child.

Bubble Machine| Your toddler will love running around popping all the bubbles that come out of this machine. Plus you won't get light-headed blowing all the bubbles with this automatic bubble machine.

Bunny Blanket| This cuddly soft bunny blanket is so inviting, your baby or toddler will love snuggling up to it!

Stacking Cups| These stacking cups are so much fun for youngsters. Toddlers love to stack and play, and little babies can play with a cup and chew on it as they grow into them.

Hide and squeak Eggs| This little egg carton is full of eggs that crack open with a colourful chick inside. Your little one can squeeze and hear it squeak and then work on putting the eggs back together.

Hooded Towel| Nothing is more precious then pulling your youngster out of the bath and wrapping them up in a hooded towel. It creates a perfect moment for a little photo opportunity to look back on too!

Duck and Goose, Here Comes the Easter Bunny Book| Another great book to stuff inside their basket. The characters in this book are on the hunt to find the Easter bunny, see if they are successful.

Matching Shapes Easter Eggs| These eggs are so fun, and your child can learn to match shapes so the eggs piece back together.

Fun Dough Eggs| This is another great filler for an afternoon activity to do with your little one. They will love the feeling of the dough, and working on using their imagination.

Headbands| If you have a little girl, these headbands are a perfect item to add to the basket. They are so pretty and will work for so many spring outfits.

Fedora Hat| We can't share headbands for the girls without an adorable Fedora hat for the little boys. Pair this with his Easter outfit for a cute way to keep the sun out of his eyes.

Colour Matching Puzzles| If your toddler is close to heading to Preschool, they might love these colour learning puzzles to help get them prepared.

Star Projector| This is a great gift to add that can be used each night in their bedroom. It displays stars on the walls and ceilings which is soothing and fun.

Easter basket filler ideas for baby and toddlers. 20 non-candy Easter fillers that kids will love.

What do you think your little one would like to receive in their Easter basket? Why not make some DIY bunny crayons as a little extra gift for them or if you want to give the kids a little bit of candy fill a paper craft carrot treat box

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