Pumpkin Colouring Page Line Art

Turn around a dull afternoon into a creative and relaxing colouring session with this spooky Pumpkin Colouring Page activity! 

Pumpkin Colouring Page Line Art


If your kids are tired of carving out pumpkins, this jack o' lantern inspired colouring page is what you need to have a creative and peaceful time.

Remember to let your child colour within the lines to the best of his or her abilities, but don't pressure them to get it perfect right off the bat. 

This activity is excellent for improving eye-hand coordination and developing a better pencil grip, but children's primary goal is to have fun!

Younger children can colour the large shapes that make up the pumpkin and older children can turn this into some fun line art by grabbing a ruler and adding black lines to each section. You could even mix it up a little by using a different colour for each section. 

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Pumpkin Colouring Page Line Study

I love how this activity allows my kids to relax and lower their anxiety in one of those hyperactive days. It's such a great way to have fun without any mess to clean up afterward and we can all agree that's always a huge plus!

So get your supplies ready and let's colour away!

Pumpkin Colouring Page and Line Art

Pumpkin Coloring Page Line Art Supplies:

  • Construction Paper (or cardstock)
  • Fine Tip Black Marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Crayons, Markers or Coloured Pencils

Pumpkin Coloring Page Line Art Instructions:

STEP 1: Download Pumpkin Colouring Page & Print.

Let's get this rolling! First, you need to scroll down below and download our free printable pumpkin template. Once you have it, just print it out and let the show start ;) 

Pumpkin Colouring Page

STEP 2: Start drawing.

Invite your child to grab any crayon, marker, or pencil start filling in the template with lines in the designated sections. Encourage older children to try and keep to the different areas. 

Pumpkin Colouring Page Art

STEP 3: Mix it up.

To add some interesting texture and fun twist to this pumpkin line activity, explore different line patterns! 

Halloween Pumpkin Colouring Page

STEP 4: Final touches.

Once you are happy with your line art, it's time to colour the pumpkin in orange shades, brown or green for the stem, and to really make this pop, add a bold colour background!

Pumpkin Colouring Page

Printable Pumpkin Colouring Pages

If you want to display this cute artwork, you can cut off the excess border from around the edge of the pumpkin colouring page and glue it onto a more sturdy paper like cardstock to hang as part of your Halloween decorations. It's so adorable!

If you enjoy this pumpkin line art activity you might want to check out our full collection of Halloween line art colouring pages ready for you to download, add lines and colour. 

Halloween line art colouring pages


To download these Pumpkin Colouring Pages for free click on the link below and use the discount code: pumpkin. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

printable pumpkin colouring page

We hope you enjoy spending time making this pumpkin colouring page line art inspired by Halloween pumpkins. Have fun!

Printable Pumpkin Colouring Pages. Pumpkin art line study for kids. Jack o lantern Halloween pumpkins to color.

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