Halloween Cup Game

Is your family fascinated by Halloween games? Us too! Are your kids fascinated by everything and anything Halloween? Mine too! Wow-them with by adding this Halloween Cup Game to a fun family game night!

Halloween cup game

Playing this Cup Game with your family during a chilly autumn family night is such a terrific way for everyone to enjoy a fun time. 

With the colder months right around the corner and days getting shorter and shorter, kids can get bored and restless, so let's give family time a twist and add something fun everyone can enjoy!

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Halloween game

How to play this Halloween Cup Game!

(1-6 players game) 

Halloween Cup Game - Supplies:

  • 5 Plastic Pumpkins 
  • 6 Halloween Themed Cups
  • 1 LED light 
Halloween family game

Cup Game Directions:

STEP 1: Prepare everything.

Gather the needed materials to put this game together. Start by taking the pumpkins and placing them under all the cups, except for one. 

Cup game

STEP 2: Add the light.

Add the LED light to the empty cup.

Look and find game for Halloween

cup game for Halloween

STEP 3: Start putting the game together.

Then, move the cups around to mix them up. You can do this while the kids watch or not; it's up to you!

family halloween game

STEP 4: Playtime!

Now invite everyone to play! Take it in turns to lift up a cup and reveal either a pumpkin or the light.

This game's whole objective is to try to collect the pumpkin but not the LED light, so once someone gets the light, the game has to start over! Repeat as many times as you like, keep scores, add prizes or make the game larger by adding more cups, pumpkins and LED lights. There are lots of options. 

Halloween game for kids

With this fun Halloween cup game you're off to a game night full of fun! What is even better is how easy it is to prep with very few supplies. We hope you enjoy playing this Halloween game just as much as we did. Have fun!

Halloween cup game . This look and find game is a low prep, fun, family Halloween game.

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