Halloween Colouring Pages for kids

Are you looking for some cute Halloween kids colouring pages? We have 18 free printable Halloween colouring pages that you can download and print out. They include a witch colouring page, a cat colouring page, a vampire colouring page, a zombie colouring page, and a few pumpkin colouring pages. These spooky Halloween colouring pages are great Halloween craft for kids of all ages! 

Halloween colouring pages for kids - A collection of 18 free printable colouring pages to download and print out. They include a witch, cat, vampire, zombie and pumpkin.

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Halloween is such a fun time of year, the kids are getting excited and there are lots of spooky goings on! Halloween crafts and activities are always appealing to kids, but if you are looking for something simple that requires few supplies and makes little mess then these Halloween colouring pages are your answer.

Scroll down for the link to your set of FREE printable Halloween colouring pages

You might also like our Halloween line art colouring pages (where you can add your own lines or designs). Check out some of our favourite designs below: 

Another fun Halloween colouring activity that we have is our mix and match Halloween characters. These are great for colouring and then you can cut out the pieces to make your own Halloween characters. 

Free Printable Halloween Colouring Pages

Enjoy your spooky Halloween themed colouring pages! (Download link below image.)

There are lots of Halloween designs to choose from, so print of your favourite or try the whole lot! You could even set up a Halloween colouring competition or use the images as inspiration to design your own Halloween drawings. 


Printable Halloween Colouring Pages

Printable Halloween coloring sheets

Printable Halloween Colouring Pages for Kids

printable Halloween colouring pages

Easy Halloween Colouring Pages 

Free printable Halloween colouring pages

As well as lots of spooky colouring pages we have added a few blank pumpkin templates for you to add your own designs. Use them to come up with a pumpkin design you wish to carve or simply colour them in your favourite colours and stick them in the window for all to see!

printable pumpkin colouring page

printable pumpkin template

As if that wasn't enough we have also added a blank haunted house! Colour it black, purple or any other spooky colour and then add spooky characters. Cut out some of the images of little ghosts and other spooky characters or draw your own. The possibilities are endless so see how creative you can get! 

Halloween haunted house colouring page

If you want to add smaller Halloween characters, just change your printer settings before printing them. 

Halloween character printables


To download these Halloween colouring sheets for free click on the link below and use the discount code - Halloween. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Enjoy using your free printable Halloween colouring pages! Don't forget to check out our other Halloween crafts

Halloween colouring pages for kids - A collection of 18 free printable colouring pages to download and print out. They include a witch, cat, vampire, zombie and pumpkin.

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