Clay Baby Footprint Art with rainbow footprints!

If you're looking for some fun baby footprint art, you are going to LOVE this air dry clay baby footprint craft! These little baby footprint clay dishes make great gifts for loved ones or just as a keepsake to display at home. The best part is that making a baby footprint clay bowl is pretty simple to do. Follow the step by step directions below to start making your very own clay dishes with tiny rainbow footprints!

Clay baby footprint art


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baby footprint clay bowl keepsake craft

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This clay baby footprint craft is such a fun one! As with most baby keepsake projects, it can be a bit tricky making it with babies who aren't in the mood, so be sure your little one is in a calm, but not playful state before getting started. 

As long as you time it right and you have a calm, happy baby on your hands this clay baby footprint art is simple to make and after it's done you have a fun clay bowl keepsake with the most adorable little rainbow footprints! 

You can display it around the house as a clay ring dish or gift it to loved ones. They will love it!

Scroll down below to get started on your air dry clay bowl project!

baby footprints art

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Clay Baby Footprint Art

Clay baby footprint art supplies:

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How to make a baby footprint clay bowl:

STEP 1: Gather your supplies

Before you get started, gather up all your supplies so you have them ready. While this is a simple craft, it helps to have everything out ahead of time, especially when working with babies! Make sure you have something nearby to clean baby up after taking the prints, baby wipes or a bowl of water and a towel are perfect. 

STEP 2: Prep your clay

Once you've done that, prep your clay by rolling it out 1 centimetre thick (or 1/2 an inch). Make it big enough to press your baby's feet into as shown below. Do not cut it just yet! Just roll out a big piece of clay. Make sure the clay is on a hard surface to help create clear prints. A piece of wood or a chopping board covered in baking paper works well. 

clay baby footprint craft

STEP 3: Add rainbow baby footprints

Now that you have your clay rolled out, it's time to add the rainbow footprints! Make sure your baby is comfortable and happy and then get started! Press your baby's foot firmly into the rainbow inkpad so that each colour is horizontally covering baby's foot.

Then, press baby's foot into the clay firmly. Carefully remove their foot from the clay. Clean their foot using water or a baby wipe and then repeat with the other foot to create a heart shape. 

clay rainbow baby footprints

STEP 4: Make heart shaped clay bowl

To finish up, cut around the baby's feet to create a heart shape.

baby footprint clay craft

Then, put the clay heart shape inside a small bowl and leave it to dry for 24 hours. This will create the bowl shape. Now your clay bowl craft ready to use or gift to a loved one!

clay bowl baby footprints craft

We hope you enjoy making this clay baby footprint art! Rainbow footprint crafts are so much fun - especially as keepsake clay bowls. Now you just need to decide what to use your air dry clay bowl for.

Clay baby footprint art. Clay bowl craft with rainbow footprints.

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