Autumn Crafts for Kids

This list of autumn crafts for kids contains four weeks' worth of gorgeous autumn projects celebrating all the fun colours and themes of fall!  Summer is drifting away from us, and you can feel a little nip in the air now and then telling us that autumn is on its way. 

Autumn crafts for kids

Fall is one of our favourite seasons. The temperatures are pretty comfy, but the days are shorter, which means you'll be spending more time indoors getting cozy. Spend some of those cozy indoor days getting creative with the kids! 

Our list of autumn crafts for kids has loads of ideas to inspire you. From scarecrows to owls to hedgehogs and squirrels, you'll find lots of little critters to make. And if you're looking for more than animal crafts, you'll find plenty of fall trees, leaf crafts, pumpkins, apples, and more.

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fun Autumn crafts for kids


Easy Autumn Crafts for Kids

We've got plenty of autumn crafts for kids right here at Messy Little Monster! Whether you're into scarecrows, woodland animals, or beautiful trees, you're sure to find some ideas that you love.


Scarecrow Puppets

Our Scarecrow Stick Puppets are heaps of fun for fall. Use them to retell your favourite scarecrow-themed stories or to make up stories of your own. Use our printable templates to guide you—it's such an easy craft to do at home or in the classroom.

scarecrow stick puppets autumn craft for kids


Woodland Animals Craft

Autumn is the perfect time of year to go for a walk or hike in the woods to see what sorts of animals you can spot. Of course, you'll find lots of adorable critters in our Woodland Animals Craft. We've included lots of templates to make this super easy for your preschooler. It'll make a cute piece of art to frame and hang on the wall for fall.

woodland animals autumn craft for kids


Leaf Suncatcher

Use a paper plate to make our fun and simple Leaf Suncatcher Craft. It's the perfect excuse to spend some quality time together gathering leaves of all sorts of shapes and sizes. Best of all, this project is easy enough for toddlers and preschoolers! It'll look beautiful hanging in the window with the light shining through.

leaf suncatcher autumn craft for kids


Clay Hedgehog

Aren't hedgehogs some of the cutest and most interesting-looking animals ever? We think so! We've got a couple of hedgehog projects for you to try, including this adorable Clay Hedgehog Craft. It's terrific for getting in some fine motor practice with your toddlers and preschoolers. We used craft match sticks to poke into the clay to make his quills, but if you don't have any, just use toothpicks (but cut the sharp ends off before giving them to little ones).

clay hedgehog autumn craft for kids

Leaf Hedgehog

Here's another fun hedgie craft to try: Leaf Hedgehogs. Layer fall leaves to make his spikes. Each hedgehog will look totally unique! It's a fun way to turn an ordinary colouring page into a really creative craft. Print an extra sheet for your kiddo to colour during quiet time.

leaf hedgehog autumn craft for kids


Nature Owls

Go for a nature walk to gather some pinecones and conkers (buckeyes, if you're in the States) for these adorable Nature Owls. You'll also need some felt scraps and googly eyes. These cute, wide-eyed Mummy and Baby owls will look so cute on your mantle this fall.

nature owls autumn craft for kids


Bubble Wrap Autumn Trees

Our Bubble Wrap Autumn Trees are inspired by the beautiful changing colours of fall. Using bubble wrap to paint is a simple art technique that even toddlers and preschoolers can do. You can also use these trees in your small world play scenes.

bubble wrap tree autumn craft for kids


Handprint Fall Tree

We like to make gorgeous keepsakes for every season and holiday. If you like making precious memories with your kiddos, too, try our Handprint Fall Tree. It's a terrific way to work on colour mixing with fall colours—blending red and yellow to make orange, for example.

handprint fall tree craft for kids


Black Glue Autumn Tree

Another really fun way to make an autumn tree craft is using black glue and watercolour. Using our tree templates it couldn't be easier! Trace the tree outlines with black glue, leave it to dry and then add colour using watercolour paint. 

The same tree templates can be used for our salt painting tree craft too! 

black glue fall tree autumn craft for kids

Monster Leaf Puppets

Make some Monster Leaf Puppets with some pretty leaves that you gather outside. You'll want all sorts of shapes and sizes. If you're not in an area with many trees, of course, craft leaves will do just fine. You'll need googly eyes and popsicle sticks along with paint, feathers, and other accessories, to turn your leaves into fun puppets.

monster leaf puppet autumn craft for kids


Paper Plate Scarecrow

Our super cute Paper Plate Scarecrow is terrific for working on fine motor skills. Kids will learn how to lace, which is excellent as a pre-writing skill. You can even turn the scarecrow into a mask! Preschoolers may need some help with cutting out the shapes as well as the lacing portion of this craft.

paper plate scarecrow autumn craft for kids


Adorable Autumn Crafts for Kids

If you need even more crafts to keep those little hands busy, take a look at some of these gorgeous autumn crafts for kids from some talented and creative bloggers around the web.

Fall crafts for kids


Paper Plate Apple

This Paper Plate Apple Craft by Simple Everyday Mom is a cute way to celebrate fall and the back-to-school season. The printable template makes this an easy project for home or school with preschoolers and kindergarteners. Start with red or light green plates if you want to eliminate the painting portion.

paper plate apple autumn craft for kids


Fall Leaf Banner

Gather leaves and twigs to make your own Fall Gradient Banner by Barley & Birch. This is such a creative way to teach kids about sorting colours from lightest to darkest to create a gradient. It's an excellent project for later in the fall when most of the leaves have fallen and are in the yellow to brown range.

fall leaf art autumn craft for kids


Pom-Pom Fall Tree

Use pom-poms and clothespins to stamp out this Pom-Pom Fall Leaf Painting by Jinxy Kids. Little kids sometimes find it easier to grasp the clothespin than a small paintbrush. Plus, you really can't get this craft wrong—it looks cute no matter how haphazardly the leaves are stamped on.

pom pom fall tree autumn craft for kids


Forest Fairy

Wow! The Forest Fairy Crown and Wings by Daisies & Pie really do look like something a forest fairy would wear. They're simply magical, and your child will enjoy so many hours pretending to flutter around like a fairy. If you'd like to make a longer-lasting version, consider sealing the leaves or using faux leaves.

forest fairy wings and crown autumn craft for kids


Felt Counting Tree

This Felt Counting Tree by Barley & Birch is the craft that keeps giving. Let the kids help cut out the leaves and trunk (or use a cutting machine to make quick work of it). The leaves and colours can be arranged in so many different ways.

felt tree autumn craft for kids

Fall Paper Weaving

Keep little hands busy and strengthen finger dexterity with six Paper Weaving Fall Printables by Artsy Craftsy Mom. The printables include a pumpkin, leaf, corn, sunflower, acorn, and pumpkin pie. Weaving is a wonderful activity for improving hand-eye coordination.

paper weaving fall printables autumn craft for kids


Pointillism Pumpkin

Take some pointers from your art history books by dabbling in a bit of pointillism this fall! This Pumpkin Pointillism Art by Coffee and Carpool is made using paint and q-tips and is a great introduction to the pointillism technique for kids.

pointillism pumpkin art autumn craft for kids


Watercolour Fall Leaves

We usually see fall in bright, vivid colours, but there's something peaceful and calming about these Watercolour Fall Leaves by Rhythms of Play. The colours are soft, but the black glue really makes them pop. Small children may need help with the glue outline, but the watercolours are easy. You can't mess up watercolours—even if some colours mix that should just create a "muddy" colour, that fits right in with the fall theme.

watercolor fall leaves autumn craft for kids


Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow

Save those toilet rolls and paper towel rolls to make cute, rustic crafts like this TP Roll Scarecrow by Red Ted Art. The raffia hair is such a nice touch. Shredded paper or basket filling will work for the hair, too. Don't they look friendly?

toilet paper roll scarecrow autumn craft for kids


Fall Windsock

Fluttery windsocks look so beautiful in a gentle breeze or hanging in front of the window. This Fall Windsock craft by I Heart Crafty Things is a real stunner with orange, yellow, and red crepe streamers trailing from a leaf-covered tube.

fall wind sock autumn craft for kids


Magnetic Squirrel and Acorn

This Magnetic Squirrel and Acorn Fall Craft by The Joy of Sharing is so fun! Kids will love colouring, cutting, and arranging this cute fall scene featuring a lovely fall tree, a cute little squirrel, and a couple of acorns. One acorn has a staple in it so it can be moved up and down using a magnet. Isn't that clever?

magnetic squirrel and acorn autumn craft for kids


Marbled Clay Fall Leaves

Working with clay is a fun way to work on finger dexterity. Mix colours together to make these Marbled Clay Fall Leaves by Rhythms of Play. If you don't want to bake the clay, you could always use an air-dry recipe or even homemade playdough for something a little less permanent. However, we love the leaf ornaments and think they'll look beautiful on a twig tree this fall.

marbled clay fall leaves autumn craft for kids


Paper Aspen Art

Aspen trees don't get enough love during fall, but they're perfect for the season. This Paper Aspen Tree Art Project by I Heart Crafty Things pops off the page! The folded yellow leaves and rolled paper trunks stand out so well against the blue background. If you're looking for a different take on fall crafting, this is a beautiful project to try.

paper aspen tree art autumn craft for kids


Autumn Owl

Do you love owls as much as we do? This Autumn Owl Black Glue Art by Artsy Momma is stunning. The colours are so bright and gorgeous, and the black glue sets the owl apart from the rest of the scene. You'll love seeing this hanging on your wall all autumn long.

autumn owl black glue art autumn craft for kids


Family Fingerprint Tree

Gather the kids, your spouse, the grandparents, and anyone else you'd like to include in this Family Fingerprint Tree by Fun Handprint Art. It's such a nice way to make fall memories with those you love. It's a project for the scrapbook for sure!

family fingerprint tree keepsake autumn craft for kids


Horse Chestnut Snake

Gathering conkers (or buckeyes or horse chestnuts) is a great way to spend a lovely morning or afternoon in the fall. There are so many things you can do with them! This Horse Chestnut Snake by Red Ted Art is super easy, and kids will get a big kick out of using the chestnuts to make a slithery snake.

horse chestnut snake autumn craft for kids


Apple Stamping Craft

A basket full of apples is just what the beginning of fall calls for. But you don't have to head to the orchard—just make this lovely Apple Stamping Craft by Natural Beach Living. Stamping is simple enough for your toddlers and preschoolers, but older kids will enjoy placing their apples "just right" in the basket.

apple stamping autumn craft for kids


Cereal Fall Tree

This is a terrific craft for your toddlers and preschoolers! Use taste-safe glue for this Cereal Fall Tree Craft by 123 Homeschool for Me if you're worried about your toddler taking a bite while you craft. Otherwise, this is a super simple project that you can make in just a few minutes. 

cereal fall tree autumn craft for kids

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Fun and easy autumn crafts for kids.

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