Woodland Animal Craft

If you're looking for a fun animal craft for kids, you are going to love this paper woodland animal craft! We have included lots of templates to make creating this animal paper craft that much easier. Preschoolers will have a blast helping you put this together. Follow the step by step directions below to get started making your own woodland animal craft.

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As children are learning about woodland animals, it can be fun to find different animal crafts for them to do. This animal paper craft is such a fun option! It's great for preschoolers to do with help or as an after-school activity that can be doubled up as some fun art work to put on the walls.

Scroll down below to get started making your woodland animal craft!

Woodland animal craft

Woodland animal craft supplies

  • Coloured craft papers
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Black sharpie

How to make a woodland animal craft

STEP 1: Gather up your supplies

Before you begin, gather up all the supplies you'll need for this animal paper craft.  It makes it so much easier to sit down and create if you are organised!

STEP 2: Create the grass

In order to get started, select 3 shades of green coloured craft papers. Then, trace the grass patterns and carefully cut them out.

Next, select a piece of blue coloured craft paper or some other desired colour. Cut it to your desired height while keeping it to the same width as your grass.

Grab the longest grass paper and apply glue along all the straight edges - omitting glue from the top zig zag portion.

Then, apply the glue side directly at the bottom of the blue paper, making sure the edges of both papers are aligned as closely as possible.

Once you've done that, glue the medium sized grass piece of paper over the top of the grass you just glued down. Similarly, glue down the shortest piece of grass as well.

STEP 3: Create the woodland animals

Now it's time to make the animals for your woodland craft.  Let's start with the fox. Select the orange and cream coloured papers, trace the patterns, and then cut them out.

Glue all the template pieces for your fox together as shown below. Then, use a black sharpie to draw the eyes and nose of the fox.

Similarly, cut out the other animal patterns from coloured craft papers and glue the pieces to create each woodland animal.

STEP 4: Create the mushroom

Now it's time to make the mushroom! Trace and cut out the mushroom patterns.

Glue the small round pieces onto the oval shaped pattern. Then, glue the oval shaped pattern onto the top side of the mushroom.

STEP 5: Create the tree

Now for the final piece - the tree! Start by tracing and cutting out the tree pattern from green coloured craft papers and the trunk pattern from brown coloured craft paper. Glue both pieces together to create the tree pattern.

STEP 6: Complete the animal paper craft

To finish off your animal craft, glue the animals, tree, and mushroom in the grass pockets as shown below. You now have a completed woodland animal craft!


To download this printable woodland animal template click on the link below. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

We know you will have so much fun making this woodland animal craft! Getting engaged with an animal craft can be so much fun, especially when it features a cute fox within the mix. Preschoolers and older children will really enjoy getting to make this animal paper craft with you. What other woodland animals could you add to this animal paper craft?!

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