Playdough Cupcakes Counting Activity

Toddlers and preschoolers will love this fun playdough cupcakes counting activity. These playdough cupcakes look almost good enough to eat! We had a great time making playdough cakes, adding candles, playing cafes, and singing Happy Birthday, as well as learning to count. 

Playdough cupcakes counting activity for toddlers and preschoolers

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Playdough Cupcakes Counting Activity

Playdough Cupcake Supplies:

  • Playdough (click here for our microwave playdough recipe)
  • A playdough cake maker (UK link/ US link) (you don't need this but its fun!)
  • Cupcake liners (we used mini cases)
  • Little plates
  • Candles
  • Muffin Tray (we used a mini one)
  • Number cutters (UK link/ US link)
  • We also used buttons for cherries on our cakes

Making Playdough Cupcakes

Playdough cupcakes

I gave Harry (aged 3) his playdough cake maker along with 3 colours of playdough (click here for the recipe), mini plates, cupcake liners, buttons and a muffin tray.  He got busy straight away baking us some delicious-looking cakes.  Harry loves this activity and often asks for me to get his playdough maker out. 

Playdough counting activity

Playdough Cupcakes Counting Activity

We used our playdough cakes to learn to count. We got our number cutters out and made some numbers out of playdough.  Harry is really interested in numbers at the moment so he loved this.  We put the numbers into the muffin tray and put a cake next to each number. 

Playdough cupcakes counting activity for preschoolers

I gave Harry some candles.  He looked at the number next to each cake and counted the correct number of candles on the cakes. This was great for practicing his counting and number recognition skills. 

Playdough cupcakes counting activity for toddlers

Role Play Cafe

Harry loves to play pretend play cafes. He role-plays making, selling, and eating the cakes he has made. Today all the cakes became one huge birthday cake and we had to sing 'Happy Birthday' to Daddy. I love the addition of battery-operated tea lights on his cakes (which he went off to collect himself)! 

Playdough cupcakes counting activity

Harry: Age 3

Playdough cupcakes counting activity

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