Dinosaur Small World with Cloud Dough Recipe

Let kids have fun creating and playing with a dinosaur small world in a box. Add a sensory element to your child's play by adding cloud dough.  

Dinosaur small world in a box

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Dinosaur Small World with Cloud Dough

Dinosaur small world - supplies:

  • Box
  • Paper cup
  • Foil
  • Red ribbon
  • Cloud dough (recipe below)
  • Collection of dinosaurs
  • Plastic trees/ Fur cones

We kept our small world simple but you could have fun adding twigs, leaves or stones or even build a dinosaur cave. It might be fun to paint the box too!

How to make a dinosaur small world in a box

We created our dinosaur land in a cardboard box.  I cut the sides (diagonally) and front of the cardboard box so we could easily access and play with the dinosaurs.  We left the handle on so Harry could carry his dinosaur small world around.  There was a gap in the bottom of our box so I lined the base with tin foil. 

I made a volcano by covering a paper cup in foil.  For the lava I made a small hole at the bottom of the paper cup and pushed a few pieces of red ribbon through it. 

We mixed up some cloud dough and covered the bottom of the box with it. Then we added our dinosaurs, trees and fur cones. 

Dinosaur sensory small world in a box with cloud dough

Cloud dough recipe

Mix 1 cup of oil with 8 cups of flour. It's as simple as that! You can use baby oil or vegetable oil.  

We used vegetable oil to make the cloud dough taste safe so I didn't have to worry about Daisy getting hold of the mixture and eating it.

Cloud dough dinosaur small world in a box. Simple sensory play for kids.

Cloud dough brings a sensory element to this small world pretend play.  It feels so soft and can easily be moulded into shapes.  We used it to make some dinosaur eggs. 

Dinosaurs and cloud dough activity ideas for kids.

Harry loves small world play and he has since he was tiny.  Adding cloud dough definitely added to his play today.  He loved the texture and used the cloud dough as part of his dinosaur play. 

Harry: Age 3

Dinosaur activity ideas for kids- Dinosaur small world in a box with cloud dough recipe. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers

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