Fun Ways to get Fussy Eaters to Eat Their Food

Are you struggling to get that fussy eater of yours to eat their food? We have some fun products that might make them start looking forward to mealtimes. When you make food fun, your kids won't even turn their nose up to that meatloaf dinner you have tried getting them to eat a million times before. Below you will find a list of products that will allow your child to have a fun time eating and help you to get your fussy eater to eat their food.

Fun Ways to get Fussy Eaters to Eat Their Food

From fun plates, silly cookie cutter shapes, books to read your child or just a fun lunch box. The options are endless, and these items are definitely worth trying if your little one fights mealtimes.

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Fun Ways to Get Kids To Eat Their Food 

Cookie Cutters| These fun shaped cookie cutters are great for making shapes out of sandwiches or snacks to make the food more enticing. We have the dinosaur cutters and my kids LOVE them!

Fun Boxes| Serve your child's snack up in a fun box! Why not take your child shopping and let them choose their own lunch box.

Separate Food| A lot of kids can't stand their food touching, so getting a fun shaped plate that has dividers is a great way of keeping their food separate

Plate Dividers|For older children simply using plate dividers is a great way to seperate food.

Dinosaur Taco Holder| Check out this taco holder, I am an adult and would love to eat using this as a holder for my tacos Tuesday's!

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Fun Foods for Fussy Eaters| Here is a book that helps you make your plates creative. Turn a crossiant into a crab, a bowl of soup into a little girl or a sandwich into a fox and so much more. This book full of fun food ideas will definitely excite little ones!

Drink Containers| Put a smoothie or drink in a fun drinks container, and watch your child guzzle it down. This is great for those healthy smoothies or juices you want your child to drink. There are so many fun drinks containers out there to suit any interests.

Gregory The Terrible Eater| Why not read a fun story about eating? This is a story about a goat that is a terrible eater. Gregory isn't like the other goats, he is more picky about what he chooses to eat. Will Gregory be able to find a healthy balance?

Dinner Winner Plates| This plate is really fun, it has small compartments that is like a maze from start to finish. See who can eat all their food the quickest, and make it to the end first.

T-Rex Plate| Any dinosaur lover would love to eat off a t-rex plate!

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Silverware| Check out some fun silverware shapes to see if that entertains your little one. I love these tools, they are so fun for a little boy.

Bird Fruit Forks| Your kiddo will love grabbing a birdie to poke a piece of food to eat, these are so fun and really are great for gaining a child's interest.

Silly Face Plate| I know that kids love things that are different and fun, try these silly face plates, and see if that gets them munching. There are so many different funny faces you can make from food on these plates.

Bento Boxes| If you make your child's lunch do a bento box. Each food goes into a different compartment and you can decorate it so it is fun and appealing to your child.

Food Reward Chart| Check out this, do a reward chart when your child tries out a new food. It is a fun way to give them the incentive to try it out, instead of turning their noses up!

D.W. The Picky Eater Book| Here is a good book about being a picky eater, see what happens when she refuses a meal.

Wild Eats and Adorable Treats| Here is a book that will teach you some great ideas on how to make your snacks and mealtimes more appealing and fun to your child.

Fun ways to get fussy eaters to eat their food. Lots of fun products to get kids to eat dinner.

Home Run Winner Plate| If you have a kiddo who loves baseball, check out this fun plate that is baseball themed. The tray is divided into small portions with room for a treat at the end.

Princess Fork and Spoon Set| If you have a little girl, give her some silverware with her favorite Disney princess on it. The only time she gets to use it is when she eats her meals.

Placemats| Having a fun placemat can help a lot. Sometimes kids get so involved in the mat that they begin eating without paying attention to what they are eating.

Food Picks| These are really fun to stick on grapes, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables to turn a simple item into a bite-size treat. Kids love them and they will love seeing them on their plate.

We hope that some of the fun products in this list help you to get your fussy eater to eat their food!

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