Playdough Pumpkin Activity

You and your preschooler are going to LOVE this pumpkin playdough activity!! It's so easy to play, but such a fun pumpkin activity to do during the autumn months. Just follow the step by step directions below to get started with this pumpkin activity for preschoolers.

Playdough pumpkin activity for preschoolers

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pumpkin playdough activity

This pumpkin activity for preschoolers can be adjusted in all sorts of ways! There are so many learning opportunities, preschoolers can practice scissor skills, identify shapes, and explore senses with this pumpkin playdough activity.

You can tweak this by making your own pumpkin playdough, by using playdough tools to cut the faces, by pushing small parts into the playdough to add facial features, and so much more!

Before you get started, how about reading about the Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin?

Scroll down below to get started making your own pumpkin playdough faces!

Pumpkin activity for preschoolers

Pumpkin playdough

Pumpkin activity supplies

How to set up this pumpkin activity for preschoolers

STEP 1: Gather your supplies

Before you get started, make sure to gather up all the supplies you need for this pumpkin activity. 

As an alternative to orange play-doh, it may also be fun to make pumpkin playdough by mixing pumpkin puree and cornstarch together.

Pumpkin playdpugh activity

STEP 2: Form your playdough pumpkin

To begin, mould a large piece of orange Play-Doh into a pumpkin shape. 

Then, roll out a small piece of green Play-Doh for the stem and a second pice for the leaves. To make the leaves roll the green playdough into a thin rope. Once you've done that, gently twist the thin rope of play-doh and place it around the stem.

This will form the necessary pieces for your pumpkin!

pumpkin playdough faces

STEP 3: Cut your shapes

Next, help your preschooler cut a variety of different eye and mouth shapes for the pumpkin faces from black construction paper.

If you have toddlers wanting to get involved in this pumpkin activity you could prepare the shapes in advance. 

pumpkin activity for preschoolers

STEP 4: Make pumpkin faces

Now it's time to start making faces on the pumpkin! Have your preschooler start choosing different eye and mouth shapes to put on the pumpkin playdough.

The black construction paper makes it easy to remove and make new faces without having to reshape the pumpkin. Have fun!

pumpkin activity

pumpkin activity for preschoolers

pumpkin playdough

This pumpkin playdough activity might just be our favourite pumpkin activity for preschoolers! They will have a BLAST engaging in this pumpkin activity during the colder autumn months.

Playdough pumpkin activity for preschoolers

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