Advent Calendar Ideas - 30 printable advent activities for kids!

With the countdown to Christmas starting in just a few days you are going to love these advent calendar ideas. You don't need to buy an advent calendar, instead keep the kids busy during December with our fun free printable advent calendar activities for kids! We have a list of 30 free printable advent calendar ideas as well as blank cards for you to write your own activities.

Advent calendar ideas

You can use these fun advent calendar ideas in so many different ways. You could fold them up and put them in a jar so that your child can take one out each day, put them in numbered envelopes so your child gets to open one each day of advent or let your elf on the shelf deliver a fun activity each morning. Alternatively, you could make your own advent calendar to fill with ideas. However, you decide to deliver these fun advent calendar ideas the kids will love it!

This year I'm going to fill an old beauty calendar (that has a box for each day of advent) with advent activity ideas. The boxes are quite big so I might even be able to fit in a few small related gifts e.g. candy canes, new pens for writing letters, craft supplies, chocolates for the movies etc. I think I am as excited as the kids will be!

We have a collection of our favourite advent calendars for kids that you can buy and a homemade countdown to Christmas calendar that you might like to take a look at, but in reality, the kids are going to much prefer doing fun activities each day than anything else. Creating Christmas memories is what it is all about!

This Santa Beard Countdown would be fun to do alongside these advent activity ideas.

free printable advent calendar ideas

Scroll down below to get your free printable advent calendar ideas

30 Printable Advent Calendar Ideas

Below you will find a list of the 30 fun advent calendar activities that are included on our printable cards. There is also a blank version so you can write your own advent calendar ideas. (There were 30 ideas, but we added a few extra!) Where we have related activities that you might like to take a look at we have linked them below.

  1. Make hot chocolate
  2. Go ice skating
  3. Eat candy canes
  4. Make a gingerbread house
  5. Watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas (and make Grinch playdough!)
  6. Watch Elf
  7. Sing Christmas carols
  8. Read a Christmas book
  9. Bake cookies
  10. Make reindeer food
  11. Write a letter to santa
  12. Make a Christmas list
  13. Do a random act of kindness
  14. Drive and look at lights
  15. Decorate the Christmas tree
  16. Make an ornament
  17. Make paper snowflakes
  18. Go sledding
  19. Get pictures with Santa
  20. Read a story about the birth of Jesus
  21. Make a snowman (if you have no snow use fake snow!)
  22. Watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
  23. Watch Frosty the snowman
  24. Donate a gift to someone in need
  25. Make a gift
  26. Donate food to a local food pantry
  27. See a Christmas show or play
  28. Make a Christmas slime
  29. Play a board game 
  30. Make Christmas cards
  31. Dance to Christmas music
  32. Eat Christmas pancakes
  33. Make a Christmas wreath
  34. Go Christmas shopping
  35. Color a Christmas coloring page
  36. Decorate the windows
  37. Make Christmas wrapping paper
  38. Track Santa

advent calendar activities for kids

printable advent calendar ideas for kids


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Get your printable advent calendar activities

Printable advent calendar ideas. 30 fun advent calendar activities for kids.

Christmas advent activities for kids

Get the whole family involved with these festive advent calendar ideas. There are lots of memories to be made and fun to have! I love all of these advent calendar activities, it's going to be hard choosing only 24! The countdown to Christmas is so much fun, especially with kids!

Free printable advent calendar ideas. 30 fun advent calendar activities. Christmas activities for kids.

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