Paper Cup Pom Pom Shooter

Paper cup pom pom shooters only take minutes to make but are loads of fun! All you need is a paper cup, a balloon and some pom poms! 

Paper cup pom pom shooter activity for kids

How to make a Pom Pom Shooter

  1. Cut the bottom out of a paper cup.
  2. Cut the tip off a balloon.
  3. Pull the balloon over the end of the paper cup.
  4. Load your pom pom shooter with pom poms by filling the paper cup.
  5. Pull the bottom of the balloon down, let go and FIRE!!!

To secure the balloon you might want to add some tape or an elastic band but it holds pretty well by itself so we didn't feel the need.  

How to make a paper cup pom pom shooter

Paper cup pom pom shooter craft for kids

Playing with a paper cup pom pom shooter

We had lots of fun firing our pom poms at each other in the garden.  Maybe try filling the paper cup with marshmallows as a fun alternative! 

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