Bubble Snake Blower

Playing outside with bubbles is an all time favourite summer activity for children. Making a bubble snake blower couldn't be simpler and it will amaze your kids. 

Bubble Snake Blower for Kids

To make a bubble snake blower you will need:

  • A plastic drink bottle
  • An old sock (a small child's sock is a perfect fit)
  • Bubble mixture in a bowl (we used washing up liquid mixed with water)

How to make a bubble snake blower

How to make a bubble snake blower

  1. Cut the bottom off the plastic drink bottle (see image above)
  2. Pull a sock over the bottle
  3. Dip the sock covered bottle into your bubble mixture
  4. Blow through the top of the bottle
  5. Have lots of fun making bubble snakes

Bubble activities for kids

WARNING: Don't breathe in whilst your mouth is over the bottle.  Harry did this the first time he had a go and ended up breathing in lots of bubbles which didn't taste too good. 

How to make a bubble snake blower for kids

Harry was really amazed by the bubble snakes he created.  He loved blowing the bubbles and trying to catch the bubble snakes I made.  We had a competition to see who could make the longest bubble snake (the winner was Harry of course!)

Harry: Age 3

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