Colour Mixing using Coffee Filters

Colour mixing using coffee filters is a really fun art process.  Kids can see for themselves all the different shades of colours that can be made by mixing 2 (or more) colours together.  It is fascinating to watch as the paint spreads and is absorbed by the the coffee filters. Using jumbo eye droppers makes this a simple activity that works on fine motor skills. 

colour mixing using coffee filters

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You will need:(affiliate links)

  • Large coffee filters (UK link / US link)
  • Watered down paint or ink (we used watered down liquid acrylic paint (UK linkUS link)
  • A pot or jar for each colour 
  • Eye droppers (we used jumbo eye droppers (UK linkUS link)

Colour mixing with coffee filters

We used the 3 primary colours, red (ours was a bit pinky), yellow and blue to see what secondary colours we could make. We chose two colour to use on each coffee filter.  

eye dropper coffee filter painting

We used our jumbo eye droppers to drop the paint onto the coffee filters. Harry was fascinated by all the different colours he created.  There were so many shades of each colour and I love how vibrant the colours were.

colour mixing with eye droppers

We used several coffee filters together to absorb all the paint. 

painting on coffee filters

Harry loved this art process but he decided it was easier to mix the colours by tipping the pots of coloured paint together! 

jumbo eyedroppers colour mixing

Harry: Age 3 

Coffee Filter Colour Mixing Craft

If you enjoyed colour mixing using coffee filters than you might also like to learn more about primary and secondary colours by learning how to make a color wheel.


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