Salt Dough Marbled Hearts

These salt dough marbled hearts are really quick to make but look so cute.

We made these cute little hearts using the salt dough we had left after making our heart candle holder and fingerprint heart magnets.  We used a red and a natural coloured salt dough which we made using this simple recipe 

We took a bit of each of the colours and mixed them together until we had a ball of marbled salt dough.  Then we flattened it and cut out some hearts using a biscuit cutter. 

We then simply left them to dry.  How simple is that! 

You can either leave them to air dry which takes a couple of days or pop them in the oven at a low temperature (I use 150 degrees) for a couple of hours.  

We didn't add anything to our hearts but they would be lovely varnished with a fridge magnet stuck to the back. 

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