Heart Greeting Cards

These heart greeting cards would be great for valentines day, mothers day or as thank you cards.  

We seem to have hundreds of pieces of artwork lying around our house.  Lots of it is too nice to throw away and we can't keep it all so we turned a few pieces into these little heart greeting cards. 

We started off by choosing a few pieces of artwork we liked and cut some heart shapes out of them.  I drew around a biscuit cutter to get a nice heart shape.  We used this artwork for these cards.

We stuck some of the cut out hearts straight onto white card which was really simple but very effective.  

I also made a few red cards that had a heart shape cut out.  I drew a heart shape on the front of the card (by drawing around our heart cutter) and cut the shape out.  Then I stuck an artwork heart (the same size) onto the inside of the card directly behind the cut out. 

Have you got any artwork lying around the house that you could use to make a few little cards?

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