Heart Footprint Craft Using Baby Footprints

If you have a baby you have to give this heart footprint keepsake a try!This footprint heart craft makes a lovely baby keepsake and a great piece of wall art too. Baby footprints are so tiny and precious and this baby craft is a perfect way of treasuring them forever! 

Heart footprint craft. Baby footprint art

We love making keepsakes and have made a huge collection over the years. I honestly could never have too many! 

This heart footprint made on a canvas was not only really simple to make, it  looks gorgeous hanging up on Daisy's wall!

Here a few more baby footprint crafts you might like to try:

Heart Footprint Canvas

Heart Footprint Supplies

  • contact paper
  • square canvas
  • Paint that you are happy using on your babies feet (we used washable poster paint)

How to make a footprint heart

Before beginning to make your footprint heart make sure you have all your supplies ready. When it comes to painting your babies feet make sure you have wipes or a bowl of water nearby ready for the clean up. It might be worth reading our top tips for taking baby footprints before you get started. 

heart footprint craft

1. Draw or trace a heart onto contact paper and cut it out. The heart needs to be large enough to fit your babies footprints inside. 
2. Stick the heart shape in the centre of your canvas and paint the rest of the canvas in your chosen colour.
3. Wait for the paint to dry and then remove the contact paper. this will leave a white heart shape on your canvas.
4. Paint your babies feet and then print them in the heart shape. Put your babies heels towards the bottom of the heart at an angle to create a footprint heart shape.

Wait for the heart footprints to dry and then hang up your beautiful heart footprint canvas! 

baby footprint heart craft

This beautiful footprint heart was made using my daughter Daisy's footprints when she was 5 months old and we still have it hanging up years later! 

If you want to try out some more crafts made using footprint hearts check out the ideas below.

Make a clay footprint in the shape of a heart. We even turned ours into a little ring dish! 

clay footprint heart

You could even make a rainbow baby footprint heart using an ink pad. 

rainbow baby footprint heart

Or for an extra touch add a baby footprint quote to your heart footprints. 

heart footprint quotes

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