Heart Footprint Canvas

This heart footprint painting makes a lovely baby keepsake and a great piece of wall art too. 

 It was really simple to make and looks gorgeous hanging up on Daisy's wall. 

How to make a heart footprint painting

You will need (affiliate links):
sticky back plastic (UK link/ US link
a square canvas (UK linkUS link)
Paint that you are happy using on your babies feet (we used washable poster paint)

1. Draw a heart on sticky back plastic and cut it out
2. Stick the heart in the centre of your canvas and paint the rest of the canvas in your chosen colour
3. Wait for the paint to dry and then remove the sticky back plastic 
4. Paint your babies feet and print them in the heart

Wait for it to dry and then hang it up! 

Daisy: 5 months

Where will you hang yours? 

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