Heart Candle Holder

We love salt dough crafts!  Salt dough is so easy to make and use and you end up with gorgeous creations that you can keep.  This heart candle holder makes a perfect gift for someone you love.

To make this heart candle holder you need:

Salt dough (we made up a red salt dough and a natural coloured one using this simple coloured salt dough recipe), 
2 hearts cutters (UK link/ US link) (one slightly bigger than the other),

 a little candle (UK link/ US link), 
Mod Podge all in one sealer glue and finish (UK link) (US link)

Roll out your salt dough and use the heart cutters to make 2 different sized heart shapes.  We made the red one smaller than the natural coloured one. 

Press the silver case from the candle into the smaller heart to make a hole in the middle.

Place the smaller heart on top of the bigger one and press it down gently. 

Put the candle holder into the oven to dry it out at 150 degrees for a few hours or leave it in a warm room for a couple of days.

TIP: If you are drying your candle holder in the oven make the hole for the candle  slightly bigger if you can as ours shrunk a tiny bit as it dried (which is why the candle was taken out of the silver case). If you are air drying it you shouldn't have this problem.

Seal and varnish the candle holder.  We use Mod Podge all in one sealer glue and finish (UK link) (US link) to varnish our salt dough but you could use PVA glue. 

Once the varnish has dried pop your candle in. 

 I think they look beautiful when they are lit.  What do you think?

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  1. Another lovely gift idea! Thanks for sharing!!


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