How to make coloured salt dough

We love using salt dough for our craft projects, but it's even better when it is coloured salt dough as it means you don't need to paint your salt dough crafts. Here is a simple recipe that we use to make coloured salt dough.

how to make coloured salt dough

Coloured Salt Dough

To make coloured salt dough follow the basic salt dough recipe below but mix paint into the water before mixing it with the other ingredients.  To make a bold colour you need to mix about 1/2 water 1/2 paint. We have successfully used both acrylic paint and poster paint (whatever we have in the house in the colour I want!) Just watch that the colour doesn't transfer to your hands as you knead the dough! 

Alternatively you can add food colouring to the water, but I have found that the colours tend to be paler (which is great if that's what you are after!) 

If you want natural dough you can colour your dough by adding spices to the flour in the mixture instead of paint or food colouring.  

salt dough recipe
Once you have made your creations leave them to dry out. You can leave the salt dough to dry in a warm room for a couple of days or put it in the oven at a low temperature for a couple of hours (I turn my oven to 100 degrees celsius). Just be careful not to brown them in the oven if you want to keep the colour!

coloured salt dough recipe

The colours fade a little as the salt dough dries, but if you varnish your creations most of the colour comes back.  We use Mod Podge all in one sealer glue and finish (UK affiliate link) (US affiliate link) to varnish and preserve our creations. 

Take a look at some of our salt dough creations and salt dough ornaments

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