Salt Dough Handprint Keepsake

We LOVE salt dough crafts as they are so easy to make using only 3 ingredients.  These salt dough handprints make lovely keepsakes and children can be involved in the making and painting process. 

To make these handprint keepsakes we mixed up some salt dough (using this printable recipe).  

I rolled the salt dough into a ball and pressed it down so we had a circle big enough for each of the children's hands.  Harry pushed his hand into the salt dough and I helped Daisy. Once we were happy with our prints we left our salt dough to dry out.  These handprints were quite thick so I left them in the oven (at 150 degrees) for about 4 hours and turned them over whilst they were drying.  

We wanted to put our handprints in a frame, but if you want to hang them with ribbon don't forget to make a hole at the top before baking them.  

(If you're wondering why our salt dough is pink it's because we had some left over after making our coloured salt dough birds and I didn't want to waste it.)

Once our handprints had dried out harry painted the salt dough using acrylic paint.  He painted his handprint blue and Daisy's handprint using a dark pink that I had mixed up.  

After leaving the paint to dry I added some white to each of the paints we had used to make a lighter shade. I used the lighter colours to paint inside the handprints to make them stand out. 

We completed our handprints by varnishing and sealing them with mod podge all in one sealer glue and finish (UK affiliate link) (US affiliate link)  but you could use PVA glue. We had enough salt dough left to make Daisy's footprint too. 

I super glued the handprints into a box frame and hung them on the wall.  Its  lovely to be able to capture a moment in time in this way as the children won't stay this small for long.

Harry: Age 3
Daisy: Age 4 months

Have you taken your children's handprints recently? 

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