Christmas Eve Box

Christmas is such an exciting time of the year! Add to the Christmas eve excitement by making a Christmas eve box for the family to share. But what do you put in a Christmas eve box? We have a list of everything need for the perfect Christmas eve box. We have included everything needed for Santa's arrival, as well as for a cosy Christmas eve with the family. You could either make your Christmas eve box with the kids or make it as a surprise for them. 
DIY Christmas Eve Box. What do you put in a Christmas eve box? Here is a list of ideas of items to include in a Christmas eve box for kids.
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Opening a Christmas eve box as a family is such a fun Christmas tradition and it doesn't need to cost much at all. There are lots of purpose made Christmas eve boxes available in the shops, but wrapping a cardboard box in Christmas wrapping paper works just as well. 

The idea is that the Christmas eve box is filled with lots of treats for the family to share together as preparations for Santa's arrival are underway. 

Older children might enjoy being involved in collecting things for the Christmas eve box, whilst for younger children you could make it for them.  You could even make it magically appear by the fireplace on Christmas eve!

Here are some ideas of things that you could fill your Christmas eve box with:

What shall I put in a Christmas Eve Box?

To get cosy on Christmas eve night add

New pyjamas for the children to get cosy in on Christmas eve (and look nice in any Christmas morning photographs). Wrapping the pyjamas up makes them seem extra special.

Hot Chocolate  You could either make hot chocolate cones or simply add a jar of hot chocolate and a bag of marshmallows to the box. Having special Christmas mugs is a nice extra touch.

Christmas film to snuggle up and watch before bed.

Chocolate treats Add a few of your favourite treats to eat whilst watching the Christmas film. 

Christmas cuddly toy Having a special Christmas cuddly toy to take to bed would be a nice addition for younger children.

Christmas story book Just before bed its always nice to have a Christmas story.  'Twas the Night Before Christmas' is a favourite of ours. 

To prepare for Santa's arrival on Christmas eve add

Magic reindeer food to sprinkle in the garden so Rudolf can find his way to our house. We have some free poems and printables to download here. (Just remember not to use glitter as it may harm any bird that eat it.) You might want to leave out a carrot too!

Christmas plate and a mug for Santas milk and mince pie or cookie.

Stockings ready for handing up by the fire.

Santa's magic key If you don't have a chimney make sure you remember to leave out a magic key so santa can get into your house. You could buy one or take a look at these DIY magic keys

Other things you could add to your Christmas eve box

Christmas colourings Build up the excitement through the day with lots of Christmas activities.  Download our free Christmas colouring book here

Santa stop here sign You could either make or buy a sign so Santa knows to stop at your house on Christmas eve. 

Christmas craft packs If you are having your Christmas eve box earlier in the day a few fun craft or cooking packs would be a nice addition to build up the excitement throughout the day.

Christmas music to play on Christmas eve and Christmas day. 

DIY Christmas Eve Box. What do you put in a Christmas eve box? Here is a list of ideas of items to include in a Christmas eve box for kids.

Don't forget to add any personal items that your family would love as a treat on Christmas eve. Maybe your favourite food, books or films. 

Whatever you decide to put into your Christmas eve box the important part of the tradition is that it brings everyone together as a family. 

The Christmas eve box in the photographs was made for Harry aged 3 and Daisy aged 4 months. 

DIY Christmas Eve Box. What do you put in a Christmas eve box? Here is a list of ideas of items to include in a Christmas eve box for kids.

Have a wonderful Christmas. 

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  1. I love this idea and I can do this last minute so it is just perfect thank you for posting this!

  2. What a fun idea!

    I used to get new jammies every Christmas Eve. We haven't done this with our own kids, yet. Bet I can get the movie and cocoa in a box for tomorrow, though!


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