Snowman Playdough

Playdough activities are always a big hit in this house and making our playdough snowmen was no exception.  We used sparkly white playdough with some printable accessories and buttons to make a snowman family. 

I made some white playdough by adapting this basic microwave recipe.  I swapped half the flour for cornflour (corn starch) to make the playdough brighter and added some glitter after it had been in the microwave. 

I cut out and laminated some snowman arms, scarves and faces in a variety of sizes and found a selection of buttons. 

We had fun making our snowman family. Harry spent ages playing with the snowmen and then making them melt by squashing them!

We made a few 2D snowmen using biscuit cutters and then Harry made a train of snowballs (with arms and buttons stuck on them!)

We have stored our playdough and all the accessories in a air tight container ready to be used next time. 

Harry: Age 3


How many snowmen are going to be in your snowman family? 

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