Real Snow Sensory Bin

Do you have snow?  Children love playing in the snow, but if it is too cold for your toddler or preschooler to stay outside for long then bring the snow indoors! It is so easy to set up a real snow sensory bin and the kids love it.

real snow sensory bin activity for kids

Harry was only 18 months old when he first saw snow and as much as he loved it, he didn't want to be outside for long.

So we brought the snow indoors so he could continue the fun! 

I filled his sand table with snow and brought it indoors.  Then I added his sand toys and some dinosaurs and animals.  He was soooo excited when he saw it.  

snow activities for kids

 It felt a bit cold.....,but Harry was soon busy digging.....

snow sensory bin idea for kids

 ......and piling up the snow.

Playing in the snow activity ideas

He played with his dinosaurs......

real snow sensory bin for toddlers and preschoolers 

.....and we even had a go at making some snowballs!

Real snow activity ideas for toddlers.

All done in the warmth of our kitchen. 

Harry: 18 Months 

There are so many ways you can set this snow activity up. Any tray can be used to set up a real snow sensory bin, or even a bowl of snow would be fun. 

As well as adding sand toys like buckets and spades you can add your little ones favourite toys, whether that be paw patrol or faires! 

Adding pieces of nature like twigs and leaves is a nice added touch too. You might also enjoy painting snow or making a snow volcano

Real snow sensory bin idea for toddlers.

Have you got snow yet this year? If you have consider setting up a real snow sensory bin, it is such a fun snow activity for toddlers and preschoolers. 

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