Adorable Handprint Christmas Cards

How adorable are these Christmas handprint cards?! If you have a toddler or preschooler in the house then these handprint Christmas cards are for you. We have three handprint xmas cards to choose from, a handprint reindeer, a handprint Santa Claus, and a handprint elf. We also have a set of handprint Christmas card printables that you can use if you would like to make this Christmas handprint craft even easier.

Handprint Christmas cards

Making a Christmas card with handprints creates such an amazing keepsake as well as being a fun way for young children to get involved in Christmas craft making. 

We love handprint crafts and have made so many of them over the years. Handprint crafts are great for children who love getting painty and it's surprising how many children love the feeling of the paint being painted onto their hand. 

Christmas cards with handprints

These handprint Christmas cards are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to make, but you can even try these designs with babies if you can get them to keep their hands still long enough to get a good handprint. 

Christmas handprint cards such as these will be treasured forever by family, which makes them a great Christmas craft for preschool classes to make to gift to parents. 

Christmas handprint cards

We have the directions for three different Christmas cards with handprints below, but we have made many more handprint crafts. Check out a few of our other Christmas handprint crafts:

Handprint Christmas cards

Christmas handprint card supplies

  • White cardstock (folded in half)
  • Paint – green, white, skin colour, red, brown
  • Paintbrush
  • Markers – green, red, gold, black (or a variety of colours)

Christmas handprint card supplies

How to make Christmas cards with handprints

Elf Handprint Christmas cards

Elf handprint Christmas card

STEP 1: Paint your child’s hand

Paint the palm of your child’s hand in a skin colour tone. Paint the thumb and little finger the same colour. Then paint the three middle fingers green with a white stripe at the top and bottom of them. Paint quickly so the paint doesn’t begin to dry out.

How to make an elf handprint Christmas card

STEP 2: Make an elf handprint

Place your child’s hand paint side down onto a piece of folded white cardstock. Press your child’s hand down firmly ensuring that it doesn’t move as you make the print. Leave the handprint to dry.

Christmas handprint elf

STEP 3: Add details to elf handprint Christmas card

Complete your elf handprint by adding facial features on the skin-coloured part of your print. Then add extra details to your handprint Christmas card by writing a Christmas message and adding Christmas images such as stars and Christmas-themed candy.

Elf handprint

Christmas handprint elf

Santa Claus handprint Christmas card

Santa Claus handprint Christmas card

STEP 1: Paint your child’s hand

Paint your child’s fingers and the top part of their palm using white paint. Add a dot of white paint on the tip of their thumb. Then paint the middle part of the palm using a skin-coloured paint and the remainder of the palm and the thumb in red paint.

How to make a Santa Claus handprint Christmas card

STEP 2: Create a Santa Claus handprint

Press your child’s hand down firmly onto a piece of folded white cardstock. Try to keep your child’s hand as still as possible as you create your Santa Claus handprint. Leave your Santa handprint to dry.

make a handprint

STEP 3: Add details to Santa handprint Christmas card

To complete your Santa Claus handprint use markers to add eyes a nose to Santa’s face and a tiny mouth on his beard. Add the words ho, ho ho, or another Christmas greeting to your handprint Christmas card. You may also like to draw other Christmas-themed images on your card such as a small Christmas gift waiting to be delivered!

Santa Claus handprint

Santa handprint Christmas cards

Reindeer handprint Christmas card

Reindeer handprint Christmas cards

This reindeer handprint Christmas card works especially well if you want to make a handprint Christmas card with 2 children as they can make one handprint reindeer each. You can of course also do it with one child, they will just have to create 2 prints. This handprint Christmas card is created with the cardstock opened.

Paint your child’s hands brown. Then position their hand So the thumbs are facing each other and press them down onto your cardstock to create a handprint.

Leave the brown handprints to dry and then use a marker to add antlers, eyes, and a collar to your reindeer. Complete your reindeer handprint Christmas card by drawing a small heart between the reindeer and adding a Christmas greeting such as Merry Christmas.

Reindeer handprint

If you have created your reindeer handprint Christmas card with more than one child add their names below their handprints so you know which child created which reindeer. We also have a handprint reindeer using just one reindeer handprint.

Reindeer Christmas card with handprints

Why not make a selection of these Christmas handprint cards and gift them to family and friends. They make such lovely keepsakes.

handprint Christmas cards

Handprint Christmas Card Printables

If you are looking for a quick and easy Christmas card with handprints then you might like this set of handprint Christmas card printables. Simply print out the Christmas designs and then add handprints where indicated. 

Handprint Christmas card printables

We have 8 different printable handprint Christmas cards available. Scroll down to get the printables. 

Handprint Christmas tree - Christmas handprint card

Check out this Christmas tree handprint craft too!

Handprint Christmas tree - Christmas handprint cards

Handprint Snowman - Christmas handprint card

Handprint snowman - Christmas handprint card

Angel Handprint - Christmas handprint card

Angel handprint Christmas card

Penguin Handprint - Christmas handprint card

Check out our salt dough penguin handprint too! 

Penguin handprint - Christmas handprint cards

Handprint Snowglobe - Christmas handprint card

Handprint snowglobe -Christmas handprint card

Christmas gnome handprint - Christmas handprint card

Christmas gnome handprint - Christmas handprint card


To get these printable handprint Christmas cards for free click on the link below and use the discount code: handprints. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Handprint Christmas cards printable

Which Christmas handprint card do you think you will create first? 

Christmas card with handprints

Whether you go for the quick and easy printable handprint Christmas cards or you create your own Christmas card with handprints, we hope that you have lots of fun creating your own Christmas handprint cards.

Handprint Christmas cards

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