Christmas Eve Box

Yay, it's nearly Christmas!!!!!! To add to the excitement on Christmas Eve this year I have made the children a Christmas Eve box full of treats to share.  I have filled the box with everything needed to prepare for Santa's arrival. 

DIY Christmas eve box

More winter activities

Inside the Christmas Eve box I have put:

New pyjamas for each of the children to get cosy in on Christmas eve (and hopefully look nice in our Christmas pictures), 
A Christmas plate and a mug for santas milk and mince pie,
Hot Chocolate cones with marshmallows for all the family,
A Christmas DVD to snuggle up and watch before bed,
Chocolate snacks to eat whilst we watch the film, 
Reindeer food to sprinkle in the garden so Rudolf can find his way to our house, 


Most importantly Santa's magic key so Santa can get into our house to deliver our presents. 

Christmas eve box ideas

With all the excitement of buying things for a Christmas eve box I forgot to buy the actual box to put it all in!!! But I quite like our cardboard box covered in Christmas wrapping paper. 

DIY Christmas Eve Box.  What should you add to yours?
Harry: Age 3
Daisy: Age 4 months

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  1. I love this idea and I can do this last minute so it is just perfect thank you for posting this!

  2. What a fun idea!

    I used to get new jammies every Christmas Eve. We haven't done this with our own kids, yet. Bet I can get the movie and cocoa in a box for tomorrow, though!


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