Paper Bag Puppet Lion Craft - Template Included!

Have a child who is in love with lions right now? They will LOVE this paper bag puppet lion craft! Paper bag puppets make for a world of fun for kids of all ages. Toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids will love this paper bag lion craft. We've even included a free printable lion template to make it easy for you. Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your very own easy lion craft.

Paper bag puppet lion craft

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You can also make a tiger paper bag puppet using the template that we used for this lion paper bag puppet. 

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lion craft

Lion crafts are great fun and perfect for getting deep into pretend play. Kids will love using this paper bag lion craft as they act out different stories, rawr like a lion, and so much more. Paper bag puppets are the ultimate boredom buster, too. They're great for toddlers and preschoolers, but older kids will enjoy them too.

Scroll down below and follow the step-by-step directions to make your own lion paper bag puppet!

paper bag puppet

Paper Bag Puppet Lion Craft

Lion craft supplies

  • Lion template
  • Coloured craft papers - yellow, orange, pink, white, brown, and black
  • Paper bag
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black marker

How to make a lion paper bag puppet

STEP 1: Gather your supplies

Before we get started, gather up all the supplies you'll need for your lion paper bag puppet. If you haven't got your lion template yet, you can grab that by scrolling down below (use discount code - puppet- to get it for free). The same template can also be used to make a paper bag tiger craft.

Go ahead and print and cut your lion template out.

paper bag puppet lion craft template

STEP 2: Prepare the paper bag

To get started, cut large rectangles of yellow paper to glue onto your paper bag (see image below to give you an idea of size). Glue the yellow paper on the side where the bottom flap sticks up. Use your scissors to trim off any excess paper along the sides.

How to make a paper bag puppet

STEP 3: Add the lion paws, mane, and tail

Next, trace the lion paw template onto orange paper and cut it out. Glue it onto the paper bag in the appropriate placement and then add lines with black marker.

How to make a paper bag lion

Trace the lion's mane onto orange paper and cut it out. Cut a rounded square out of the middle and then glue it onto the flap of the paper bag.

How to make a paper bag lion puppet

For the lion's tail, cut a strip of yellow paper and glue it onto the back of the paper bag. Cut a small piece of orange paper and cut small slits into it and glue on the end of the tail.

How to make a paper bag lion craft

STEP 4: Create the lion's face

Time to create the face of your lion craft! Trace the mouth onto brown paper and glue it onto the front of the paper bag, overlapping the mane. Cut a triangle out of black paper and glue it onto the mouth; trim off any excess. Use a black marker to add the details as shown below.

lion paper bag puppet craft

After you're done with the lion's mouth, trace the lion's ears onto yellow and pink paper and cut them out. Glue the pink pieces onto the yellow ones and then glue them onto the front of the paper bag, as shown below.

lion craft - paper bag puppet

STEP 5: Finish up your paper bag lion craft

To finish up your lion craft, cut the eyes out and glue them onto the front of the paper bag as shown below. Your lion paper bag puppet is now complete. Time to play!

lion craft for kids


To get this lion template for free click on the link below and use the discount code - puppet. This template can also be used to make a paper bag puppet tiger craft. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

lion craft template

We hope you enjoy putting together your paper bag lion craft using our lion template! Paper bag puppets are such fun crafts to do - especially since they make for a lot of fun play afterward. Toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids will all enjoy making this easy lion craft.

Easy lion craft for kids. Paper bag puppet craft. Lion craft template included.

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