Zentangle Hands Art Project

Not only does this Zentangle Hands Art Project look fantastic, but it is also a great art activity for kids to help them relax and be mindful. There is no right or wrong way to take on this zentangle art project. You could do it individually or as a piece of collaborative art. 

zentangle hands art project

Easy to follow along with no-prep time, this zentangle art project is a wonderful art activity to keep little ones calm and relaxed while having fun!  

Here at Messy Little Monster, we've done some cool projects inspired by Zentangle Art before, like our Zentangle Turkey Art Project. So, you probably know we're huge fans of this art form. 

But, let's start from the beginning! 

zentangle art project - hand art

What is Zentangle Art?

Well, Zentangle is a drawing method developed to help people find their creativity without focusing on the final result. Zentangle is similar to doodling, in a way.

While we usually doodle mindlessly to kill time, the idea behind Zentangle is to do it mindfully, focusing on each line drawn and enjoying the free-flowing process.

Using structured patterns as a guide for each drawing, Zentangle manages to turn mindless doodling into a relaxing and mindful art form. 

Sounds awesome, right? It is! But the best thing about it is that this method is useful for both grown-ups and little ones alike, you could even work on a zentangle art project together. 

I find zentangle art a great option to work on fine motor skills for younger children. 

zentangle art

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Zentangle Art - Hands Art Project

Hand art project - zentangle art

Zentangle Hands - Supplies:

  • Markers and pencils in various colours
  • White paper

Zentangle Hands Art - Instructions:

STEP 1: Trace your hands.

To begin this hand Zentangle art project, start by tracing the outlines of your hands on white paper. You will need to draw around your hand several times, overlapping the hand outlines when needed.

You could make all the hand outlines from one person's hand or you could draw around family or friends' hands too. 

hands art

STEP 2: Let the zentangle art begin!

Now it is time to fill the hand outlines with various lines, shapes and patterns. Fill each section of the outlines with different patterns and have fun changing up the colour markers that you are using. 

zentangle patterns

Use the images below as a guide and to give you a little inspiration, but come up with your own patterns and ideas too. 

As you start to relax into your zentangle art you should feel calm and focused as you enjoy the process. 

hands art for kids

STEP 3: Add a background

To make this zentangle design even more eye-catchy, try to use bright colours and add a solid background colour too!

zentangle art for kids

This is such a precious activity! We loved doing this zentangle art project together, and we hope you and your kids have just as much fun creating their zentangle hands as we did. Enjoy!

Zentangle hands art project for kids. Easy zentangle art

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