Easy Zentangle Art for Kids

Take out your art supplies and get the fun started with our easy zentangle art for kids! Creating zentangle patterns is both fun and relaxing and kids are sure to love these printable fox and unicorn zentangle designs.
zentangle art


Zentangle art is a cool spin on the traditional line-art style and in our experience, kids just love it! If you love this zentangle art lesson then you might also want to check out our zentangle hands art project

What is zentangle art?

Zentangle is a style of line art that is abstract and often created on small sized-paper. The idea is to make different line patterns, creating interesting abstract designs without planning the result beforehand. It's all about letting the inner artist in you lead the way and unwind the mind. The small sized-canvas helps to make this drawing method super easy, especially for kids! 

Is zentangle art good for kids?

Zentangle art is a fun way to work those fine motor skills and creative muscles. But, that's not all! It's also a great relaxing activity that encourages attention and focus, and it can be an awesome and out-of-the-box tool to help little ones when they're feeling anxious or restless. It's almost like having a kid-friendly drawing meditation session.

If you're just learning about zentangle art, this is your chance to take full advantage of all its benefits!

Easy Zentangle Art for Kids

For this zentangle drawing activity we will show you how to make zentangle animal art step by step using our printables. We have got both a unicorn printable and a fox printable for you to choose form. Both the fox and unicorn outlines are spilt into small sections so you can add several simple zentangle designs to create your own unique zentangle art animals.

This easy zentangle art project focuses on the line element of art and is part of out Elements of Art Bundle (click to find out more!) 

Elements of art for kids

Zentangle for Kids - Supplies:

  • Zentangle printable template (pick a fox or unicorn.. or both!)
  • Permanent black fine tip marker
  • Watercolour paints 
  • Paintbrush
  • (alternatively you an use coloured markers or pencils)

Zentangle Art Step by Step

zentangle step by step

STEP 1: Get the printable zentangle art templates:

Before you can start your zentangle art you will need to scroll to the end of these step by step directions and get a copy of the printable zentangle art templates. We've included a fox and a unicorn. Choose your favourite and print it out onto thick white paper. 

unicorn zentangle printable

STEP 2: Draw zentangle patterns:

Take the zentangle template of your choice and using a fine tip black marker draw lines in each section of the template. Set your imagination free as you explore drawing zentangle patterns. Have fun adding different lines and patterns to each section until they are all filled with lines. 

Easy zentangle art for kids

STEP 3: Add colour to your zentangle patterns

To give this work of art some colour, add some watercolours! Once you are happy with the line-art part of this art project, use watercolours to give these zentangle animals a colourful mix media effect! Paint each section of your animal a different colour. 

Your easy zentangle art is now complete! 

zentangle art for kids

An alternative way to create your zentangle art for kids is to use coloured pencils or markers. Simply take a new coloured pencil or marker for each section and use it to draw various zentangle patterns. 

zentangle for kids

zentangle art animals

Easy Zentangle Patterns

Use some of the easy zentangle patterns below to get you started. 

Easy zentangle patterns

The printables used for this zentangle art project are included in our Elements of Art bundle available in the Messy Little Monster shop. Alternatively the fox and unicorn printables are available for free using the link below. 



To download the zentangle art unicorn and fox printable for free click on the link below and use the discount code: zentangle. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

zentangle art printables

And... just like that, your animal-themed easy zentangle art for kids is complete! We hope you have a fun and relaxing time creating your zentangle patterns. Enjoy!

easy zentangle art for kids

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