How to Make Snow Paint Using Just Two Ingredients!

We don't get snow too often, but when we do we love playing in it! But why stop at just playing in the snow when you can make your own snow paint! Using our easy snow paint recipe you can have even more fun in the snow, (when and if you get some!) Just scroll down below for our easy 2 ingredient snow paint recipe, it is such a fun snow activity for kids!

How to make snow paint using our 2 ingredient snow paint recipe. Snow painting is such a fun snow activity for kids.

Snow activities are always fun! As well as making snow paint to use indoors we love painting snow as well as making snow spray paint. Using Rainbow Ice to colour snow is a lot of fun too, as is painting on ice

If little toddlers and preschoolers get too cold outdoors in the snow bringing the snow indoors to make snow paint means they can carry on the fun in the warmth of your home (just make sure is isn't too warm or the snow will melt!)

We also have lots more winter activities for kids for you to try that are themed around snow, snowflakes and snowmen. You will love our puffy paint melted snowman craft and our DIY snow recipe (which is perfect for making snowy small worlds if you aren't lucky enough to have real snow!)

Just scroll down below to see how to make snow paint using just 2 ingredients

Painting with snow. Fun snow activities for kids.

How to make snow paint

Snow paint supplies

  • Snow
  • Food coloring 
  • Paint brushes
  • White cardstock
  • Mixing spoons
  • Small containers

Snow paint recipe

Directions for making snow paint

STEP 1: Collect snow

The first part of this snow activity involves collecting your snow! Have fun filling a small jug with snow, this could maybe be done at the end of a snowy walk? Simply fill a jug with fresh snow and bring it indoors. Add 1/2 cup of snow to each small container.

Snow painting using our 2 ingredient snow paint recipe.

STEP 2: Add colouring to the snow

Add a drop or two of food colouring to each small container of snow and mix with a spoon. That's it, your snow paint is now ready to be used. You will need to use your snow paint straight away as the snow will melt quite quickly!

Snow painting. A fun snow activity for kids

snow paint.

STEP 3: Paint with your homemade snow paint! 

Set out some scrap newspaper on the table and place the white cardstock on top. Use a paint brush to dip into the snow paint and begin to paint. You could paint anything that takes your fancy! A winter scene, patterns or even a rainbow!

How to Make Snow Paint

We hope that you have lots of fun using snow that you have collected from outdoors to make your own snow paint! Snow activities for kids are always fun and I love that this snow paint can be used indoors or outdoors! Painting on snow can be a lot of fun too!

Snow painting is such a fun snow activity for kids! See how to make snow paint using our 2 ingredient snow paint recipe!

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