Growing Sunflowers in Pots

Show your little ones the magic behind nature by Growing Sunflowers in Pots at home!

growing sunflowers


Learning to grow sunflowers in pots is an excellent chance for children as young as toddlers and preschoolers to get involved in growing their own plant. 

Kids can experience the life cycle of a sunflower from seeding to the majestic blooming stage. In this project, kids will learn how with some patience, nurture, and love they can grow a stunning and huge sunflower!

growing sunflowers in pots

Before you get started growing your sunflower here are a few useful sunflower facts for you. 

How tall do sunflowers grow?

Sunflowers can grow up to 14 feet in height. On average, though, sunflowers usually reach between 9 to 11 feet high. 

When do sunflowers bloom?

These stunning yellow flowers bloom during summer and the beginnings of autumn.


How to care for sunflowers

Here's why we love planting sunflowers with our little ones! Sunflowers are annual flowers that need minimal care, which makes them perfect for kids.

To keep sunflowers alive and fresh, you just need to give them a good home. Make sure to provide them with good quality potting soil and some drainage material so the plant can retain moisture. Then, you just need to make sure they gets lots of exposure to direct sunlight and that you water them at least once a day.

Now, into our garden, we go!

How to grow sunflowers

As you watch your sunflower grow you might like to have a look at some of our other sunflower-themed activities!

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Growing Sunflowers

planting sunflowers in pots

Growing Sunflowers in Pots - Supplies:

How to Grow Sunflowers in Pots - Directions:

STEP 1 - Get everything ready

Gather all you'll need and get the little ones ready for their gardening experience!

growing sunflowers with kids

STEP 2 - Add soil to the pot

To start, take the pots you've chosen to grow your sunflowers in and scoop some soil into them. 

growing sunflowers in pots with kids

growing sunflowers in pots

STEP 2 - Plant the sunflower seed:

Make a hole right in the middle of the soil of about an inch deep with your finger. 

How to grow sunflowers in pots

Add one seed per cup into each hole and then cover the seed entirely with soil. 

planting sunflowers in pots


Sometimes, seeds don't grow due to health or environmental reasons.  I always recommend trying to find healthy seeds in the seed bag. To avoid getting frustrated, try planting at least 3 to 6 pots. 

STEP 3 -  Water your sunflower:

Now, take water and pour it over your seed until the soil is wet. Let the pot drain before moving on to the next step. 

watering sunflowers

STEP 4 - Find a sunny spot!

Sunflowers love everything sunny, so make sure to find a spot full of sunlight so these charming flowers can grow healthy and strong. 

STEP 5 - Observe and take notes:

This is the step where patience is needed. Every day, you should check the pot for growth. Use this opportunity to talk about what happens when plants grow. 

For example, you can observe and write down when the plant starts to shed the seed's cover and the sprouting process begins.

You can also discuss all the different reasons as to why certain plants may not survive. Some of these reasons are unhealthy seeds, plants getting more water than they need, locations not being best, and how some natural conditions, insects, and animals can hurt the growing plants.

To make this part more entertaining and educational, you might want to check out our set of Sunflower Life Cycle Activities from the Messy Little Monster Shop. 

sunflower growth

You might also like to read a book or two about the sunflower life cycle like this  A Sunflower's Life Cycle  book. 

sunflower life cycle book

Your sunflowers will grow and as they do you will need to move them from the small pots to larger ones. Alternatively you can find a sunlight-filled area in your garden and plant them there. 

growing sunflowers in pots

As the stems get longer tied them to a long stick using a string, keeping the rope or string loose to avoid damaging the stem.

sunflower growing

planting sunflowers in pots

Keep waiting and watching and eventually you will end up with a beautiful sunflower. When it has flowered measure it to see how tall is has grown. 

growing sunflowers

And now it's your turn to grow sunflowers in pots using this easy step by step! We hope you enjoy this outdoor activity just as much as we did. Enjoy! 

Growing sunflowers in pots. Directions on how to plant sunflowers and top tips.

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