Cookie Cutter Painting for Toddlers

If you're stuck inside with little ones, keep things fun with this Cookie Cutter Painting for Toddlers!

cookie cutter painting for toddlers

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We've been exploring different kid-friendly painting techniques and this cookie cutter one is just SO much fun!

It's the perfect activity to slow down and enjoy some fun bonding time with your child and even start adding some educational basics in a hands-on way!

I'm pretty sure you've got some funny cookie-cutter lying around your kitchen if you have toddlers or preschoolers. Now is the time to go and grab them for one fun craft!

It's easy, super simple to set up, and you only need to gather three items (Yes. I kid you not.!) Kids can work on their math, colour theory, and fine motor skills. They can also express their ideas and emotions through art and discover their own sense of creativity. 

This activity is just one of many activities you will find in our toddler plans. If you have a toddler in your life, these plans are well worth a look! 

Cookie Cutter Painting for Toddlers

painting for toddlers

Cookie Cutter Painting - Materials:

  • Cookie cutters (in various sizes)
  • Large roll of paper
  • Paint 
  • Paper plates or paint tray.

Printing with cookie cutters - Instructions:

STEP ONE: Set up your workstation.

Begin by getting all your materials ready.  Use cookie cutters you have at home. We recommend having a couple of them in different sizes so your child can become familiar with the concept of size. 

cookie cutter painting supplies

You can make this a themed-activity depending on what type of cookie cutters you have, or just gather all of them and let your toddler decide.

STEP 2: Prepare the paint.

Cover the surface you'll be working on with paper (a large roll of paper works great). Then, set up your paper plates and fill them with paint in your chosen colours. 

cookie cutter art

We decided to go with paint in blue shades, but you can use whatever colors you have at home, and don't be afraid to mix them up!

STEP 3: Start painting!

Now it's time to call your child and have fun! Encourage your little one to dip the cookie cutter into the paint and then press it onto the paper.

cookie cutter art for toddlers

During this stage, I find that the very best way to engage with my children is to ask questions about the project we're working on. Ask your little ones about what colour they're using, if the shapes they're creating are big or small, etc.

painting ideas for toddlers

Have fun creating different patterns and shapes.

painting for toddlers with cookies cutters

Add more paint if needed, why not get your toddler involved in squeezing it onto the plate to get in an extra bit of fine motor work!

winter craft for toddlers with cookies cutters

STEP 4: Let it dry!

Once your little one is happy and the printed process is done, let the paint dry completely. 

mitten craft for toddlers with cookies cutters

There're tons of different uses for this special print artwork your little one has just created. You can use it to make cards or as wrapping paper for a special gift. You can also just frame it and add it to your gallery wall!

painting for toddlers to make cookie cutter art

No cookie cutters? Don't worry! If you want to set up this activity and don't have cookie cutters, one simple and fool-proof way that works perfectly is using cardboard tubes to make shapes

We hope that you enjoy this cookie cutter painting for toddlers. Have fun!

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