Homemade Snow Sensory Play

Have a fun-filled winter experience with this Homemade Snow Sensory Play!

homemade snow sensory play


With temperatures dropping and kids getting increasingly eager to see some of the white stuff,
we thought it was time to add some play snow into our day! 

This winter sensory bin has all the ingredients to be a playtime-success. We'll show you how to make homemade snow and how to set up your own snow themed sensory bin.

It's an enchanting snowy activity that kids will have a blast playing with - guaranteed!

On top of this play snow only taking a few steps to put together, kids can have fun using their imaginations while improving their sensory skills.

So, keep on reading and get all your materials ready to make your own batch of homemade snow!

homemade snow

If you are loving the idea of snow themed sensory play here's another recipe for fake snow that you can put in the fridge to make it feel cold. Alternatively, if you have real snow head out and collect some for a real snow sensory bin

Keeping with the snow theme we also have a Snow Globe Template that you can use to imagine you are in your own winter wonderland as well as directions for a DIY Snow Globe.

Homemade Snow Sensory Play

Homemade snow sensory play - supplies:

  • 10 cups of flour (we used ½ of a 5lb bag)
  • 6oz of oil (vegetable, baby oil, or coconut oil)
  • A sensory bin to play in (we used a plastic storage bin)

You will also need some of your kid's favourite winter and / or Christmas themed items to add to your play snow.  A few ideas are the following: 

  • Miniature evergreen trees
  • Bells
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Mini snowmen figures
  • Buttons
  • Nature elements

How to make homemade snow:

STEP 1: Gather your supplies.

Prepare the place you'll be making and playing with your homemade snow sensory bin! Find a sensory bin large enough for your homemade snow and a selection of other winter items. I would suggest a bin with high sides as this snow sensory play can get a little messy. Alternatively, cover the area you are going to be playing with your play snow with a messy mat so you don't have to worry about spills. 

Homemade snow ingredients

STEP 2: Mix homemade snow.

Pour the flour into your chosen sensory bin and then add the oil. With your hands massage the homemade snow mixture until you're sure all the oil and flour are perfectly combined. The mixture will soon transform into a sand-like texture, similar to moon-sand! 

homemade snow recipe

How to make homemade snow

This will be your homemade snow for today's bin.

Play snow

STEP 3: Add toys to play snow

Once your homemade snow is all done and ready to go, you just need to add winter and Christmas-themed items to turn your fake snow into a winter wonderland! 

Play snow sensory bin

Take the bin to a safe, kid-friendly place and invite your little one to have fun indulging in some snowy sensory play!

Snow sensory bin

Encourage them to explore the texture of the homemade snow as well as using their imaginations with the snow, winter or Christmas themed items. 

Squeeze the fake snow to make snowballs or even a mini snowman or make it snow on your small world figures by sprinkling the homemade snow from a small height. 

Winter sensory bin

There you have it!  Kids will love this homemade snow sensory play, rest assured! So until some of the real white stuff comes your way have fun making your own winter sensory bin complete with play snow!

Homemade snow recipe for snow sensory play. 2 ingredient play snow for winter sensory bin.

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