Tin Can Jack O Lantern Craft

These Tin Can Jack O Lantern will definitely scare away any spooky spirits rooming around town! Get your kiddos ready for a fun crafting session, and let's start making this Jack o lantern craft! 

Tin can Jack O Lantern craft

Whether you are a die-hard Halloween fan parent or you just put up with spooky-themed crafts to keep the kids happy, there's no denying little ones go nuts over anything Halloween. 

We've decided to get a bit more practical this time around and show you how to make this charming craft so you can keep using it after Halloween night. 

You can use these Tin Can Jack O Lanterns as pencil holders, desk organisers, treat bags, or (my favourite) add some little battery candle lights and create a glowing Halloween-themed lantern to keep all year!

Read more below and learn the easy steps to make your own Jack O Lantern tin can craft!

Jack O Lantern Craft

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Tin Can Jack O Lantern Craft

Tin Can Jack O Lantern - Supplies:

  • Empty tin cans (wash and clean first and watch for sharp edges) 
  • Orange craft paint (try to find a brand that isn't too watery)
  • Paint brush
  • Paper plate
  • Black paint marker 
  • Black tissue paper

Tin Can Jack O Lantern - Instructions:


When we're dealing with sharp things like tin cans, the first and most important thing is safety! Please, after washing and cleaning your tin cans, make sure there are no sharp edges that can hurt you or your kids. 

STEP 1: Prepare your paint.

Once you've checked and fixed any sharp edges, it's time to paint. 

tin can craft

Take your orange paint and give each can a first layer of paint, wait some time to allow the paint to dry, and continue giving each can another coat until you're happy with the final colour.

painting a tin can with acrylic paint

There's no need to paint the inside of the tin cans, but if you want to, feel free to paint before the next step.
tin can jack o lantern

STEP 2: Draw the faces.

Once the orange paint has dried take the black paint marker and draw a face on each tin can. You can follow our pictures for guidance or use your creativity to come up with your own designs using different features!

Drawing face on Jack O Lantern craft

Drawing face on tin can Jack O Lantern

STEP 4: Add the final touches!

Once everything is dry and ready, you can decide if you want to use your tin can Jack O Lantern for decor or as something else. As mentioned earlier, they make great pencil holders, desk organisers or lanterns. You could also make a collection of tin can Jack O Lanterns, stack them up and play Halloween bowling and see who can knock them all down first. 

Another fun option is to wrap some Halloween candy in black paper and put the wrapped candy inside the tin cans. This way, you'll get super cute treat bags and Halloween decorations at the same time! 

Jack o lantern craft

And voila! You jack o' lantern craft is ready to celebrate the holiday season! We hope you and your little ones enjoy making and displaying your own set of tin can Jack O Lanterns.

Tin Can Jack O Lantern Craft. easy Halloween craft for kids.

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