Fall Leaves Sensory Bottle & Book Activity

Did you know that as well as being used for discovery, sensory bottles can help calm down upset little ones? Today I'm sharing how to make a simple and super cute Fall Sensory Bottle for toddlers that is fun, educational and can be used to soothe any meltdowns! 

Fall sensory bottle

Sensory bottles are not just a lovely and eye-catching resource to keep kids entertained, but these bottles are actually a fantastic resource to help kids calm down if they are having meltdowns or feel nervous in new situations or even just when they are just feeling under the weather.

Sensory bottles can help little ones learn how to regulate their emotional distress in a fun and engaging way and the best part is that sensory bottles are easy to DIY at home and you can always customise them to your little one's favourite things.

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This fall-themed sensory bottle is great for this time of year as we head into autumn. It could lead onto discussions about how the leaves fall from the trees or about all the different colours leaves can be. Not only that, it goes brilliantly with the book 'Let It Fall' by Mary Ann Cocca-Leffler. 

Read on to learn how to make an easy and seasonal Fall Leaves Sensory Bottle with only a few supplies. 
Fall leaf sensory bottle

If you are using this fall leaves sensory bottle and book as part of an autumn or leaf unit you might want to check out a few more of our leaf crafts and activities! 

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How to make a simple and stunning Fall Leaves Sensory Bottle at home

Fall sensory bottle supplies:

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Fall sensory bottle instructions:

STEP 1: Gather your supplies.

Let's start by gathering all the materials you'll be using. Any bottle can be used as a sensory bottle. My personal favourite type of bottle to use is the plastic voss water bottles. They are flat on both ends which is great for toddlers and preschoolers who want to stand it up and tip it over and they roll well which is good it you are using them with babies who want to roll them along the floor. 

sensory bottles

Once everything is ready, take the sensory bottle you've chosen and then, pour the glue in it. 

sensory bottle

STEP 2: Add the confetti.

Gently, start adding the confetti leaves inside the sensory bottle.

fall activity for kids

sensory bottles for toddlers

STEP 3: Add water.

Now, fill the bottle with water until it is full. 

fall leaves sensory bottles for toddlers

STEP 4: Secure it.

Make sure to secure the bottle's lid using tape or glue to keep the mixture locked in and to avoid any spills. 

sensory bottle ideas

STEP 5: Shake it up!

It's time to test it! Take your new leaf sensory bottle and start shaking it until all the content inside starts to move around smoothly. Your fall sensory bottle with leaves is ready to be used!

fall activity for toddlers

These special calming bottles work wonders on toddlers but can also help to calm down older kids, so it's worth a try. 

Whether you are making this fall sensory bottle as a calm down tool or as a fun activity as part of a autumn, fall or leaves unit we hope you have fun. 

Fall sensory bottles for toddlers.

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