5 Ways to Use Art to Tackle Anxiety

Each one of us experience anxiety and pressure at some point of time in our lives, and each one of us has developed a process to regulate and manage those emotions. Some of us, however, have trouble getting it under control, and feel overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety and stress more often than we’d like.

art for anxiety

If that’s something you can relate to, here’s a bit of help coming your way. Read on to discover how you could put art to use to tackle those anxious feelings. For both children and adults art is a brilliant tool to use to tackle anxiety.

5 Ways to Use Art for Anxiety

art to tackle anxiety

Mandala Colouring

Colouring inside intricate mandalas has become a sensation today and it is a great way to tackle anxiety. The way this works is that colouring inside the lines require you to keep your attention focused on that particular activity, which can quickly turn your attention away from any negative and anxious feelings that you might be stuck with.

Some experts also suggest that the geometric patterns that mandalas make up tend to induce a gentle meditative state, which can be helpful in tackling stress.

Affirmation Cards

Creating, or even simply looking at affirmation cards can help you click into a more positive mental state. All you need to do is fill and decorate some blank cards with positive affirmations and quotes.

Some good examples could be:

  • I am calm
  • I’m peaceful
  • I am smart
  • Joy surrounds me
  • I am unique
  • The future is great
  • I am loved
  • Breathe!
  • This is temporary
  • I can achieve great things
  • Life is wonderful!

Try painting the background behind the quotes on your affirmation cards with watercolour paint. The process of painting when there is no pressure to produce a predetermined outcome can really help you to relax. 

Worry Clouds

If you’re plagued by worrisome thoughts, creating a worry cloud can be an excellent way to get those worries under control. Start by drawing (or writing) your worries on a sheet of paper, and then envelop all of them in a cloud. Doing this physically helps you ‘assign’ all of your worries to the cloud, and after you’re done with that, you can transform the cloud into a more positive one by reshaping it, or having it go away by drawing wind beside your cloud.

Comfort Castle

Another excellent way to use art to tackle your anxiety is to draw yourself in your own personal castle of comfort. The best part about this is that your castle can be just the way you want it to be designed just for you! Add all the things that you love, think about your favourite colours, favourite items and even favourite people. Use drawings, cut out pictures from magazines or even add photographs. The next time your anxious feelings arise, you can sit down and imagine yourself in your comfort castle. This is also a great activity for discovering all the things that you have in your life to be grateful for. 

Draw your feelings

It’s amazing how thinking about what makes us feel happy and taking the time out to draw it or paint it can stop us worrying about things and think about the positives instead. Think about the things you really care about, things that make you feel good. Draw a heart shape and fill it with all those things that make your heart happy. Drawing and talking about these things helps you to reflect on what really makes you feel happy and what you value. You could repeat this activity with things that make you feel worried or anxious and then talk through your feelings. 

Gratitude Journal

Making a gratitude journal is a great way to escape the cycle of negative thinking and surround yourself with more positive feelings. If there’s a certain situation or aspect of your life that you’re anxious about, start by being grateful about the other side of that situation, even if it takes a certain amount of effort.

Doing this consistently can improve your outlook on life, and make you feel more optimistic and happy. And of course, cute and colourful (and happy) doodles all around the journal help!

art for anxiety

These ways of using art to tackle anxiety are easy to implement and great for adults and children alike. We hope they help! 

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