Sidewalk Chalk Ideas & Sidewalk Chalk Recipes

Sidewalk chalk is a summer staple. Not only does it encourage creativity and artistic expression, but you can play with sidewalk chalk in so many ways. Really! We've compiled a list of 20 fun Sidewalk Chalk Ideas to inspire you.

Sidewalk chalk ideas for kids

From making your own sidewalk chalk and sidewalk paint recipes to creating obstacle courses, play areas, and educational games, you're sure to find a few sidewalk chalk activities that your little ones will enjoy.

Sidewalk Chalk Ideas and Recipes

To start things off, we'll share three incredible sidewalk chalk recipes that we've made here at Messy Little Monster. From chunky chalk to fizzy paint, you're going to love our super simple recipes for bold, colourful chalk.

Sidewalk chalk ideas and sidewalk chalk recipes for kids

Fizzy Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Make some outdoor art that packs a little fizz! Our Fizzy Sidewalk Chalk Paint is sure to get kids excited about simple science projects, like baking soda and vinegar reactions. First, you'll paint your beautiful designs using our baking soda-based sidewalk chalk paint, and then you'll apply the vinegar solution to watch it fizz. It's so fun!

fizzy sidewalk chalk recipe

3-Ingredient Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Forget complicated paint recipes. Our 3-Ingredient Sidewalk Chalk Paint Recipe is the only one you'll need to make gorgeous and vibrant outdoor art this summer that washes away with a bit of water. It's so easy to mix up lots of colours in no time flat.

sidewalk chalk paint recipe

How to Make Sidewalk Chalk

If you prefer sidewalk chalk instead of paint, we can teach you How to Make Sidewalk Chalk. This chunky chalk is easy for little hands to work with. Plus, the kids can help you make it, which will make your sidewalk art all the more fun.

How to make sidewalk chalk ideas

Fun Sidewalk Chalk Ideas for Kids

Find even more awesome ways to make and play with sidewalk chalk below!

sidewalk chalk ideas

Shadow Art

Go outdoors on a sunny day, and help the kids trace their shadows and fill it in with bright, beautiful colours. This Shadow Art activity by Rhythms of Play is a creative way to learn about shadow science, including how and why shadows form.

shadow art sidewalk chalk ideas

Chalk Sight Word Game

Preschoolers, kindergarteners, and even older children can all benefit from this Chalk Sight Word Game by The Educator's Spin On It. Simple sight words are terrific for preschoolers, while older children can work on more difficult sight words or vocabulary words that they need to remember.

chalk sight words sidewalk chalk ideas

Chalk Puzzles

These Chalk Puzzles from Happily Ever Mom are a different way to enjoy sidewalk chalk. Lay out your blocks to trace them, and then build them into their 3D counterparts. You'll find so many ways to experiment with this activity.

chalk puzzles sidewalk chalk ideas

Sidewalk Chalk Mosaic

This stunning Sidewalk Chalk Mosaic from Down Redbud Drive will brighten your driveway or sidewalk for all to see. It's much easier than it looks. Simply apply painter's tape or masking tape in different geometric patterns, and then get to work with your chalk. Once the chalk work is done, remove the tape, and you're left with a beautiful mosaic that looks like stained glass.

mosaic sidewalk chalk ideas

Chalkboard Slime Recipe

Use chalk markers or your own sidewalk chalk recipes to paint on this Chalkboard Slime Recipe by Little Bins for Little Hands. The chalk colours look absolutely stunning against the black background of the slime.

chalkboard slime recipe

Sidewalk Chalk Activities to Teach Chinese

Want to help your kids learn a foreign language? Chalk Academy's Sidewalk Chalk Activities to Teach Chinese are just brilliant. You'll find hopscotch, footprints, action words, spraying with water, and so much more.

sidewalk chalk activities to teach chinese

Chalk Shadow Drawings

These Chalk Shadow Drawings by Still Playing School are such fun. Draw silly faces on the sidewalk and then move around into various positions until the shadow of your head lands on the drawn faces. The more ridiculous, the better!

chalk shadow drawings sidewalk chalk ideas

Recycled Chalk Paint

Do you have pieces of sidewalk chalk that are now too small to use? Did you leave some out in the rain, and now they're water-soaked? Turn those into Recycled Chalk Paint using the instructions from Rhythms of Play.

recycled chalk paint recipe

Pictionary Sidewalk Chalk Activity

Take your game of Pictionary outdoors. This Sidewalk Chalk Pictionary by Super God, Not Super Mom includes printable cards to draw from, but instead of drawing them on paper, you'll draw them on the sidewalk or driveway instead. It's a great game to play with the neighbour kids, too!

chalk pictionary sidewalk chalk ideas

Outdoor Math Game

Take math outdoors; you'll be surprised at how it can invigorate an ordinary lesson on numbers. This Sidewalk Chalk Outdoor Math Game by Look, We're Learning is proof of that. Kids can fit in some simple addition or subtraction practice while getting in a bit of movement, too. Of course, you can change this out with multiplication or division for older children.

sidewalk chalk outdoor math game idea

Sidewalk Chalk Puddles

When winter comes, and the weather is a bit dreary, it's a perfect time to go outdoors with your sidewalk chalk. The snow makes an ideal canvas for Sidewalk Chalk Puddles. This activity by Lemon Lime Adventures adds lots of colour and fun to a winter day!

sidewalk chalk puddles idea

Sidewalk Chalk Popsicles

Kids will get a kick out of making Sidewalk Chalk Popsicles for summer. These chalk popsicles by Hello, Wonderful would make fun party favours for a summer party.

sidewalk chalk popsicles idea

Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course

Here's a fun idea to get the kids up and moving! The Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course from Toot's Mom is Tired is easy to set up, and the kids will play there for hours. What a neat way to encourage gross motor activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Even older kids will love joining in.

sidewalk chalk obstacle course idea

Sidewalk Chalk Bugs

You can also pour your sidewalk chalk mixture into cute molds to make all sorts of different shapes, like these Sidewalk Chalk Bugs from Finding Zest. Aren't they adorable?

sidewalk chalk bugs recipe

Chalk Outdoor Imaginary Play

Don't forget the simple ways to play with chalk. Nurture Store's post on Outdoor Imaginary Play with Chalk reminds us that simple drawing a road (or a park or a game board) is a fun, low-prep activity that's perfect for any sunny day outside.

sidewalk chalk outdoor imaginary play idea

Puffy Sidewalk Paint

Use your leftover sidewalk chalk remnants to make this Puffy Sidewalk Paint recipe from The Best Ideas for Kids. Each batch will fill up a small squeeze bottle, which is the perfect applicator for this type of paint to get clean lines that are puffy and gorgeous.

puffy sidewalk paint recipe

Scented Sidewalk Chalk Paint

This Scented Sidewalk Chalk Paint by Parenting Chaos adds a fun sensory element to your usual chalk paintings. It gets its scent from Kool-Aid, but you could also add a couple of drops of essential oils to your own favourite chalk paint recipe to make yours scented.

scented sidewalk chalk paint recipe

Which of these sidewalk chalk ideas are you going to try this summer? Pin this list so you'll have it handy when you want to go outdoors to create something fun!

sidewalk chalk ideas for kids

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