How to Make Sidewalk Chalk Recipe

Sidewalk chalk offers endless possibilities for outdoor playtime! If you want to take the fun up an extra notch, make your own chunky chalk using this affordable and easy DIY chalk recipe. Simply follow our step by step instructions on How to Make Sidewalk Chalk. Kids will love helping to make their own chalk almost as much as playing with it! 

How to make sidewalk chalk

There are so many fun sidewalk chalk activities to try! From drawing pictures using coloured chalk, to playing hopscotch, to designing your own obstacle course or even doing a bit of hands on learning.

I'm sure you have tried many of these sidewalk activities over the years, but have you ever tried making your own DIY chalk? The great thing about making your own sidewalk chalk is that you can decide the colour and shape you want the chalk to be. 

These directions are for making chunky sidewalk chalk the shape of a cardboard tube, but you can make your chalks any shape you like by pouring the mixture into a silicone mold in your chosen shape.

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DIY chalk

How to make sidewalk chalk

DIY Chalk Ingredients:

  • 2 cups plaster or paris, per colour of sidewalk chalk
  • 2 tablespoons liquid tempera paint, per colour of sidewalk chalk
  • 1 cup water, per colour of sidewalk chalk

You will also need:

  • Cardboard tubes, approximately 4 inches long
  • Duct tape
  • Wax or parchment paper, cut into 6 inch squares
  • Scissors
  • Mixing spoon or spatula
  • Disposable 12 inch piping bags

How to make sidewalk chalk recipe

STEP 1: Get your supplies in order.

Get all of your supplies ready and start preparing the cardboard tubes. You need to seal one end of the tube with duct tape then line the tube with wax paper or with 6-inch square parchment paper.

How to make chalk

STEP 2: Mix chalk colours.

Add 2 tablespoons of tempera paint to 1 cup of water and mix them together. Think carefully about the colours you would like your sidewalk chalk to be. 

STEP 3: Get a perfect consistency.

Stir in 2 cups of plaster of paris (per colour) until you get a thick consistency similar to the one of toothpaste. This mixture should be thick but still soft and liquid enough to be added to the cardboard tubes.

STEP 4: Put it in a pastry bag.

Transfer the coloured plaster into a pastry bag rapidly and snip the corner of the bag. You will need to work quickly as you don't want your mixture starting to dry. Squeeze into the cardboard tube making sure to tap the plaster mixture, this will help settle the mixture evenly. 

How to make sidewalk chalk

STEP 5: Let chalk to dry.

Patience is key for this sidewalk chalk recipe to work! Let your DIY chalk dry overnight before continuing with this DIY!

How to make chalk

STEP 6: Final step.

Once you've checked the chalk is dry and ready, start removing the tube and wax paper.

DIY chalk

Make sure the chalk is dry completely, if its damp once you start peeling off the tube and paper, leave it on a wire rack to make sure it drys out 100 percent before using it.

You'll get a soft and pastel chalk once it's ready, perfect to draw on sidewalks!

Sidewalk chalk recipe


If you're feeling extra creative, use some silicone molds with different shapes instead of the cardboard tubes. 

easy sidewalk chalk recipe

Making your own chalk is a truly a lovely activity to do with your little ones. Kids can help to make it using our easy sidewalk chalk recipe and then have lot of fun playing with it. A win-win on all fronts! 

We hope you enjoyed making your own chunky DIY chalk following this simple 'How to make sidewalk chalk' guide!

How to make sidewalk chalk. An easy sidewalk chalk recipe to make your own DIY chalk.

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