Easy kindness projects for kids

Every year there’s one day that’s designated as Random Acts of Kindness Day. This year, you’ll find that February 17, 2020, is the day! This is a day when you can start to teach your kids how kindness plays a key role in their everyday life. Here are some easy kindness projects for kids to do on Random Acts of Kindness Day or any other day of the year!

easy kindness projects for kids

Easy Kindness Projects for Kids

If you’re a parent looking for some easy kindness projects for kids then you’ll love my list of ideas to practice kindness on National Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Paint Kindness Rocks

Gather up some rocks, paintbrushes and paint or paint pens to make some kindness rocks with your kids. Once complete, you can take a walk around town to leave random kindness rocks all over your local community to spread some positive messages to your neighbours.

Write kind messages on the rocks e.g. smile, you rock, love, dream, be kind, be happy, - or paint brightly coloured happy pictures like hearts or stars.

Clean up Litter

Get those warm clothes on and head downtown to clean up litter. You can get your kids and their friends together for a day of cleaning up the town. You’ll need some trash bags, gloves, and comfortable shoes to walk around town and place litter in bags to clean up your community.

Another option is to go on a family walk or to a local park and encourage the kids to pick up any litter they find on the way.


Ok so this one seems simple, but just by giving someone a smile you can make that persons day. If you want to take it one step further you could give out hugs or even flowers. 

Visit a Pet Shelter

Many pet shelters allow people to visit the cat rooms, while other shelters may allow dog visitors. Give your local pet shelter a call to see if they’re accepting visitors and spend a few hours playing with the shelter pets to give them some attention for a day. This is the perfect kindness project for any little animal lovers. 

If there are no local pet shelters that allow visitors maybe make some bird feeders to feed the local birds. 

Compliment Someone

Hearing a compliment always feels nice. Encourage kids to think of nice things about people they love. It could be that they are the best friends ever, that they always make them happy when they feel sad, that they are an amazing artist or that they are brilliant at football. Whatever it is that makes someone special tell them. 

Alternatively kids could use these blank postcards to write a letter to let someone know how special they are, or use these tiny love notes to surprise someone with a compliment. 

Help a Neighbour

Get your kids together and go knock on a neighbour’s door to see how you can help them today. You could easily complete yard work, walk their dog, or do some other random task that involves your kids in random acts of kindness with your neighbours.

Make a handmade gift

Make your neighbours smile by delivering freshly baked cookies or visit an old peoples home with some handmade hearts or make little drawings for grandparents. You don't need a huge pile of supplies to make a handmade gift, even the most simple of gifts will make the recipient smile.

Make Thank You Notes

Gather up some writing utensils, colourful paper, and envelopes to have your kids write thank you notes for anyone who’s done something for them this year. You can have your kids write thank you notes to their teachers, coaches, a special family member or anyone that’s touched their heart this year. This would be especially well received if it was totally unexpected. 

Do Chores

Last but not least, another simple act of kindness project for kids is to have them do chores for their siblings or parents. Teach your kids the art of kindness through the act of completing a chore that another person would normally do to help reduce that person’s stress and make them feel happier.

Older siblings could play with younger siblings by setting up game or activities for them that they think they would enjoy. 

Kindness Elves

Have you heard of the kindness elves? I couldn't write about kindness projects without mentioning them! The Kindness Elves are magical elves who love to sprinkle kindness and joy wherever they go! Here is some more information on the kindness elves

These are just some of the simple ways your kids can work to practice kindness on Random Acts of Kindness Day, or really any time of the year! When you start to place an emphasis on kindness in your household, you’ll soon find that your kids become happier and kinder every day of the year. You might even find that they start to enjoy doing some of these easy kindness projects! 

easy random acts of kindness projects for kids

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