Cat in the Hat Dr Seuss Craft

Discover the marvellous Dr. Seuss through reading and of course by making Dr Seuss crafts! For this Cat In The Hat craftwe only used a few supplies and it's so easy that kids of all ages can join the fun. It's a perfect activity to keep the kids busy and having fun while they learn all about our dear Dr. Seuss's fun teachings!

Cat in the hat craft

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The 2nd of March we celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday across the globe and we thought this time around this adorable Cat In The Hat Craft was perfect to honor one of the most iconic children's books ever!

Scroll down for full instructions to make your cat in the hat craft and for some alternative craft ideas

Cat In The Hat Craft

Cat In The Hat Craft Supplies

  • White and blue construction paper
  • Red pipe cleaners
  • Black marker
  • Glue 
  • Ruler 
  • Scissors

How To make your 'Cat in the Hat' craft for preschoolers

STEP 1: Create your hat

Cut a large rectangle from white paper around 8x5” and another one 11x2”. (You can of course change these sizes depending on the size you would like your cat in the hat craft to be)

Cat in the hat craft supplies

STEP 2: Start gluing the strips

Glue the 11x2” strip to the bottom of your large rectangle to look like a hat. 

paper cat in the hat craft

STEP 3: Draw dashes with the black marker

Use a black marker to draw horizontal dashes going across the hat to resemble stripes, these will be the lines kids will follow to glue the pipe cleaners on. 

cat in the hat craft for preschoolers

STEP 4: Cut your pipe cleaners

Measure and cut the pipe cleaners to match the dashed lines. 

cat in the hat Dr Seuss craft

STEP 5: Add glue

Trace over the black dashes with glue.

cat in the hat Dr Seuss craft for toddlers

STEP 6: Add pipe cleaners

Stick the red pipe cleaners onto the glue to create stripes for your hat. You may also want to glue the hat onto a piece of blue construction paper. Leave your cat in the hat craft to dry.

Alternative Ideas

  • Use fingerprints to make the red stripes on the hat 
  • Glue on strips of red paper instead of pipe cleaners
  • Make a 3D hat to wear
  • Make the cat's face to go under the hat. 

easy cat in the hat craft for kids

Reading is one of the most fascinating and most crucial skills you can teach your children, but it's even more important to actually show young children that reading can be a fun and exciting adventure! We hope you enjoyed making this 'Cat in the Hat craft' and that your kids had tons of fun playing and learning about Dr. Seuss's most beloved character, Cat in the hat. Maybe see if you can make a few more Dr Seuss crafts for his other books too!

Easy Cat in the Hat Dr Seuss craft for kids

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