5 Realistic ways to get 'me time' when you're a parent

When you’re a parent it seems that your children’s needs will forever come before your own. While this is an admirable trait of most parents, it’s actually not something that we should be doing. You see, having “me time” is a vital part of being a good parent. We all need our own time away from the hustle and bustle of parenthood to catch a break. Today I’m going to show you 5 realistic ways to get “me time” when you’re a parent because let’s face it, we have to be creative about how we get time alone.

ways to find me time for parents

5 realsitic ways to get 'me time' when you're a parent

Take a Bath after Bedtime

Once your kids are all settled into bed you can slip away into a warm bubble bath in the comfort of your home bathroom. Even if you have little ones, you can bring the baby monitor into the bathroom so as to keep an ear open for anyone who may need you. Taking a bath is a fabulous way to recoup from a stressful day of raising kids so that you feel relaxed.

Wake up Earlier

Many parents have found that waking up just as little as 15 minutes before everyone else in the house has proven to be a very realistic way to get some “me time” in before you dive into the daytime responsibilities. You can enjoy a peaceful cup of tea or coffee while reading your favourite online websites or a magazine before everyone else wakes up.

Schedule Me Time

Hey, why not? You schedule time for your kids and everyone else, so why not schedule some “me time” in once per week. You can go to the spa, lock yourself in your bedroom while someone else tends to the kids, or treat yourself to lunch with friends. There are many ways to schedule “me time” in, just make sure you make this a habit to do once per week.

Spend 6 Minutes in the Bathroom

Now, this may not be the most exciting way to spend 'me time', but if all else fails spend 6 minutes hiding in the bathroom! If you have a toddler this may not work so well as you know they’ll probably be knocking down the door, but you could get your toddler occupied with independent play and tell them you’re going to the bathroom. Spending just 6 minutes in the bathroom can give you a little breather in between the chaos that ensues as a parent.

Use Small Blocks of time

Throughout your day there may be moments when the kids are occupied or napping that you can utilize for some “me time”. Perhaps you enjoy doing household chores, for some parents that’s relaxing. Perhaps it's enjoying a hot cup of tea! Whatever you enjoy doing, make sure you use small blocks of downtime throughout the day to sneak in an activity that you enjoy doing for some “me time”.

There you have it, 5 realistic ways to get “me time” when you’re a parent. All too often we think getting time alone to recoup has to be some extravagant experience, but it really can be something as simple as spending 6 extra minutes alone in the bathroom.

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