St Patricks Day Shamrock Craft - Printing with Peppers!

If you are looking for an easy St Patricks Day craft for preschoolers, toddlers and even babies, this has to be the one! You will love the simplicity of this shamrock craft and the kids will have lots of fun getting painty. Printing with a pepper that has been cut in half creates a perfect shamrock shape! Scroll down to see our shamrock paintings made using a pepper as a stamper (my almost one year old loved this craft!).

St Patricks Day Shamrock Craft - Printing with Peppers!

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We also have a shamrock colouring page that your little ones might enjoy.

shamrock craft

I love how this shamrock craft is suitable for such a wide range of ages. Preschoolers and older children can have fun creating shamrock shapes using their stampers (which they can then add stems to using paint), whilst younger toddlers and babies can have fun exploring the pepper stampers and the painty marks that they can make with them.

I did this shamrock craft with my youngest Oliver (who is almost one) and Daisy (aged 4) and they both loved it.

See our shamrock painting in action!

St Patricks Day Shamrock Craft - Printing with Peppers! 

Shamrock craft supplies

  • pepper
  • green paint 
  • paper plates (to squirt the paint on)
  • paint brush
  • cardstock

Make sure the paints that you use are non toxic if doing this craft with babies or toddlers that may put it in their mouths. I would recommend crayola paints which can be found in our amazon storefront

How to make a shamrock using a pepper

STEP 1: Prepare the pepper

Before you can begin this shamrock painting activity with your preschoolers, toddlers or babies you will need to make your shamrock stamper. It is really easy to make a shamrock shape from a pepper, simply cut it in half as show in the image below. 

shamrock stamper made from pepper

STEP 2: Prepare paint

Once you have your shamrock stamp it is time to prepare the paint. Squirt green paint onto a paper plate, spread it out so there is a thin layer across the surface of the plate and then place the pepper stampers in the paint. 

shamrock craft for babies and toddlers

STEP 3: Print a shamrock shape

Now it's time for the fun part! Invite your baby, toddler or preschooler to use the peppers dipped in paint to make a shamrock print on their cardstock. Older toddlers and preschoolers may like to paint a stem for their shamrock. 

St Patricks Day craft

For younger toddlers and babies this St Patricks Day craft is all about exploration. They will have so much fun exploring the pepper stamper and paint. 

St Patricks Day process art for kids

The size and shape of the pepper means that young children are able to pick it up. Oliver (almost one) enjoyed holding the pepper and exploring the marks that he could make with it. He was very impressed with himself each time he made a painty print.

shamrock craft for kids

Just look at the concentration on his face!

painting techniques for babies and toddlers

Whilst this printing shamrock craft is more about the process than the final product, I think that some of the shamrock shapes have come out pretty well. You could make a lovely St Patricks Day card using your child's artwork.

activities for babies - painting with peppers.

Oliver did end up with a face covered in green paint and needed to have a bath straight after his painting session!

painting for babies

This St Patricks Day craft is sure to be fun for everyone. Older children can create shamrock shapes, whilst younger toddlers and babies can explore the marks that they can make with half a pepper and some paint! We hope that you enjoy this shamrock craft - printing shamrocks with peppers can be a lot of fun!

St Patricks Day craft for kids. Printing with peppers makes a great shamrock craft for preschoolers, toddlers and babies.

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