Pumpkin Sensory Bags - Sensory play for Babies

Let your baby get involved in some sensory play this autumn by making them a pumpkin sensory bag! Sensory bags are brilliant for encouraging sensory play for babies as they allow babies the opportunity to explore objects that would usually be too small or dangerous for them. Making sensory bags for babies is so easy, just follow our instructions below to make your own sensory bag full of pumpkin guts!

Pumpkin Sensory Bags - Sensory play for Babies

Babies love exploring the world around them and playing with sensory bags is just one of many ways that they can explore something new. Sensory play for babies is so important for their development.

Whilst touching, feeling and exlploring real objects is fantastic for young babies, sometimes things are too small, delicate or just too messy for babies and that's where sensory bags come in! I say things may be too messy, we usually embrace the mess, but there are days when you just don't really want to have to do yet another clean up!

This sensory bag is made from pumpkin guts so it is the perfect pumpkin activity for anyone who has pumpkin guts left after pumpkin carving or cooking. Your baby may like to have a feel of the pumpkin guts before it is put into the sensory bag, but just watch them with the pumpkin seeds.

If you have lots of spare pumpkin guts and have older kids to entertain have a go at making some pumpkin slime using real seeds or even making dyed pumpkin seeds! It's really fun!

Follow our instructions below to make your own pumpkin guts sensory bag using a ziplock bag. If your baby seems to enjoy their sensory bag have a go at making some more permanent laminator pouch sensory bags. We hope that you (and baby) enjoy this easy way to engage in a bit of sensory play for babies!

Pumpkin Sensory Bag - Sensory play for Babies

Sensory play for babies

Pumpkin sensory bag supplies

  • Pumpkin guts
  • Ziplock bag 
  • Tape

If you want to remove the label from your ziplock bag you will also need baby oil and a cloth.

How to make a pumpkin sensory bag for babies

STEP 1: Add pumpkin guts to ziplock bag

Fill your ziplock bag up with pumpkin guts and then seal the bag. Tape up the seal to make sure that your baby can't get into the bag.

how to make sensory bags

STEP 2: Remove ziplock bag label

This step isn't really necessary, but we often get asked how you remove ziplock bag labels. If you want to remove the white label from a ziplock bag simply wipe it with baby oil and then scrub it with a cloth to remove the label.

I'm sure most babies won't care whether you have removed a label on their sensory bag or not, but it somehow looks cleaner if it's removed!

pumpkin sensory bags for babies and toddlers

removing ziplock bag label using baby oil

STEP 3: Engage in sensory play for babies

Babies love anything new so will be delighted with their new sensory bag. There are several ways that you can use your pumpkin sensory bag to engage in sensory play for babies. If your baby isn't interested in their new toy, try again later!

My favourite way to use sensory bags for sensory play for babies is when they are in their highchair. You have your babies full attention when they are in their highchair and they are often looking for things to do while waiting for food or once they have finished.

I like to sellotape the sensory bags down on the highchair so that they can use their fingers to squash and squeeze the contents  of the sensory bag (rather than throwing it over the edge of the highchair!)

sensory play for babies - sensory bags

Oliver (9 months) loved his sensory bag. He began by watching Daisy (aged 4) playing with the bag and then gave it a go himself. We kept the pumpkin sensory bag taped to his highchair for a couple of days so he could return to the activity. Unfortunately as this sensory bag is made using fresh food it doesn't last for long.

sensory bags for infants - pumpkin sensory bag

Making a pumpkin sensory bag is a fun and easy way to engage in sensory play for babies!

Alternative pumpkin sensory bag activity for toddlers and preschoolers

Older children still love sensory activities. I made this pumpkin sensory bag for Oliver (aged 9 months) but Daisy (aged 4) was just a fasinated by it. For older children add a little extra challenge to the sensory experience. You could ask them to estimate how many seeds there are or have a go at writing a P for pumpkin with their finger on the bag. We had fun drawing a pumpkin on the sensory bag for the children to try and squeeze all of the seeds into.

pumpkin sensory play activity - pumpkin sensory bag for toddlers

We hope that your baby enjoys using their pumpkin sensory bag as they engage in some sensory play for babies and explore new things using their senses. If your baby enjoys this sensory play activity maybe make them a sensory bottle for babies or even a whole baby sensory fort!

Fun and easy sensory play for babies. How to make pumpkin sensory bags for toddlers. Easy no mess pumpkin activity for babies

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