Get active with Micro Scooters - Micro Scooter review and health benefits

Get active with Micro Scooters! Read our micro scooter review to see the real health benefits that can be gained by investing in a micro scooter this holiday season. Kids spend far too much time cooped up indoors these days and micro scooters are one way of getting them outdoors! Spend more quality time as a family going on scooter rides, increase your child's self esteem and become healthier as a family.

Micro Scooter review and health benefits

When I was a child if we weren't at school or finishing up homework, we were outside with friends using our imaginations and infinite childish energy to fuel wholesome playtime. We spend long hours outdoors soaking up the sun and the fresh air. Those are the days of my childhood that I remember most vividly, not the ones where we'd be cooped up indoors.

These days, it's shocking how little time children seem to spend being active outdoors. It seems that gone are the days where you'd see a pile of bikes thrown across the garden, sprinklers set up for afternoon cool downs, gaggles of kids in dad-built tree forts, etc. 

Sadly enough, for kids, there are so many reasons why they're opting for more inside time than out, but outdoor play leads to children that are physically and mentally stronger, more confident and imaginative, not to mention the social benefits. 

I try to encourage the children to fill spare time with outside play when possible and over the last few years I've managed to find a healthy balance of both indoor activities and outside time for my 3 little ones. Most recently I've accomplished this by incorporating a few new products into our daily routine.

Micro Scooter review

Some of my readers might be asking what these products are. Well, I'm excited to share the secret to getting my kids on board with spending even more time outdoors!

Micro and their scooters is the key to this success! 20 years ago the first aluminum scooter took consumers by storm. They are so easy to use that even the smallest of children can use them, these fun scooters were a way to get outdoors again as well as to cover more ground in a short period of time. They became popular with children, students and even 9 to 5-ers. Swiss designed and engineered, each micro scooter is expertly crafted to last, no matter if it's being used by a child or an adult.

Those factors, combined with the ease of which parts can replaced (should it ever be needed) make Micro and their range of scooter products, one of the best gifts to invest in this holiday season. So many gifts come and go, ending up broken and discarded within days, but Micro has created a scooter that will withstand wear & tear as well as hold up in years to come. 

During my partnership with Micro, I was sent three of their scooters to test out and review. Each of my little ones received their own version, ranging from the 3-in-1 Mini in Blue for Oliver (9 months), the Maxi Micro for Daisy (aged 4) and the Stunt Scooter for Harry (aged 7).Each of these Micro Scooters have their own characteristics that make them awesome!

Micro Scooter review and how to get kids active - maxi micro

Each scooter received was ideal for the needs and personalities of my little ones. Oliver will be able to use his from 12 months up until 5 years as it grows with him developmentally. He is only 9 months old at present, but he is going to be so excited when he recieves a new scooter for his first birthday so he can join the 'big kids' on their scooter rides.

babies first birthday gift ideas - mini micro scooter review

Harry will be able to set up ramps for tricks and jumps to use his stunt scooter on and as for Daisy, she's been just enjoying the new spin on getting to and from school without her legs getting so tired; throw in the admiring looks from her peers and she's in heaven. She just loves the pink tassels and scooter bag for all her treasures!

My kids have loved getting to known their individual models, however, I want to focus for a minute on the health benefits of the Micro Scooter. Most people see scooters as just a way to get from point A to point B in a more time efficient way or at the very least, an hour of fun for their kids, but to be truthful, the health benefits go way deeper than fun, wow or time saving factors. 

Now don't get me wrong, using the scooters to get from point A to point B has been so important to us, especially with Daisy starting school and saying she is too tired to walk! I'm actually not sure we would get to school on time without them, but lets just look at the health benefits that can come from getting active with micros scooters.

A few health benefits you can experience with your kids by introducing them to the Micro Scooter include but aren't limited to:

  • Riding a scooter is a fat burning exercise that is extremely low impact. In fact, your little ones are having so much fun scooting themselves to the park, to school or around the neighborhood that they have no idea they're actually getting exercise!

  • Using a micro scooter requires whole body movements and hand eye co-ordination. By introducing your child to a micro scooter you are helping them develop their gross motor skills. It's so important for children to develop good gross motor skills before moving onto the fine motor activities that they need to master before learning to write.

  • We're not worried about toning up the bodies of children and neither are they, but it's truly surprising to see how much definition comes from just a few short weeks of scooting just about everywhere with the kids! Expect to see clear definition of the arms, legs and abdominal muscles, which means added strength to those areas.

  • When we think of health benefits, more often than not we find ourselves thinking of things such as weight, healthy eating, etc. The truth is, mental health is just as important and surprisingly enough, the benefits to mental health from Micro Scooters are substantial. One way I've noticed this is just the confidence factor in my two oldest. With practice they have quickly learnt how to maneuver their scooters and have build up the self-confidence needed to be more daring and go faster.

micro stunt scooter review

Self confidence aside, did you know that Micros Scooting is also a wonderful thing for the emotional and cognitive development of children? Increased happiness, self-esteem, and even friendship building are benefits to be gained from simply scooting their way to the park or school!

There are so many different benefits that can be gained by investing in a Micro Scooter for your young children. Getting them one of these exciting outdoor toys is a great way to spend more quality time together, build deeper bonds, become healthier and also help with things such as sleep patterns, coordination, balance and much more. When I was sent the three Scooters for my kids, I had no idea just how beneficial they would be to our lives!

To learn more about Micro and their scooters (for all ages and skill levels) you can visit them online at

micro scooter review - the benefit of getting outdoors for kids

Disclosure: Thank you to micro scooter for sending us 3 scooters. All thoughts and opinions in this article are my own. 

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