Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks Craft

Firework crafts are always so much FUN and the more glitter and sparkle that you can add to them the better! This easy toilet paper roll firework craft will be loved by toddlers, preschoolers and older kids too! Whether you are looking for a celebration craft, bonfire night craft or a New Years Eve craft for kids this firework painting would be perfect for any celebration! Just follow are easy instructions to make your own firework picture.

Fireworks craft and a fun painting technique for kids

Young children love glitz and sparkle and they can use as much as they like with this fun fireworks craft! 

The painting technique used in the fireworks craft that we are sharing today is so much fun and you really can't go wrong. It is perfect for younger children who want to have a go at creating their own fireworks picture. Just make sure you have lots of glitter to hand as the more you add the better! Daisy (aged 4) loved making her sparkly firework picture and even made an extra one for her teacher!

firework craft

We have a few more fireworks activities that your child might also enjoy. Why not have a go at making some firework toast, playdough fireworks, firework biscuits or for really little ones you could even make a firework sensory bottle. The magic milk fireworks science experiment is really fun too! 

firework craft for kids

Toilet Paper Roll Firework Craft

Fireworks craft supplies

  • Black cardstock
  • Paint (we used metalic gold and silver but bright colours work well too)
  • Cardboard tubes
  • Scissors
  • Glitter

Firework craft instructions

STEP 1- Prepare the cardboard tubes

Before you can begin your firework painting you need to prepare the cardboard tubes that you will be using to paint with. Cut slits all the way around the bottom of each cardboard tube and spread them outwards (as seen in the photo below).

Using different sized tubes and leaving different sized gaps between the slits can create quite different effects, so experiment and make several different firework stamps.

painting ideas for toddlers

You can also use these stamps to make our easy sunflower craft!

STEP 2 - Paint with the cardboard tubes

Dip the cardboard tubes into your chosen colour paints and press them down onto a piece of cardstock. As you move the cardboard tube away you will be left with a painty firework shape. We chose to use gold and silver paint for the fireworks and black cardstock to represent the night sky, but it would be fun to experiment with different colour cardstock and paint. 

fun painting techniques for kids

bonfire craft for kids

Keep printing more firework shapes until your are happy with you firework filled sky. Some children might choose to just add one or two fireworks and some might keep going until the whole page is filled! The important thing is that your child has fun and enjoys the painting process. This fireworks craft is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers as however the prints are made the finished fireworks painting will look beautiful!

new years eve craft for kids - firework painting

Daisy (aged 4) made two fireworks pictures. The first was done very carefully and she really thought about where each firework was going, the second was completed covered in fireworks and they both looked beautiful.

fireworks craft for kids

STEP 3 - Add glitter

The fireworks really come alive when the glitter is added! To avoid getting glitter everywhere I would suggest placing the fireworks painting into a tray before sprinkling it with glitter. The glitter will stick to the wet paint. We went for gold glitter, but again experimenting with different colours could be fun.

fun painting ideas for kids - firework craft

STEP 4 - Add sparkles

You may decide that your firework craft is finished after adding glitter, but I don't know many children that would turn down an opportunity to add sparkles to their picture. We added lots of sequin stars and gems to ours.

firework craft for toddlers and preschoolers

Have fun experimenting with different coloured paints or paper.

firework craft

That's it! This toilet paper roll fireworks craft is so easy, yet really effective. We hope that you have fun making this easy firework craft with your toddlers and preschoolers. They will love the fun painting technique used and be so proud of their finished firework paintings.

Firework craft for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids. use a fun painting technique to make a firework painting. This fireworks craft is perfect as a bonfire craft, new years eve craft or celebration craft for kids.

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