Ideas for Celebrating New Year's Eve at Home with Kids

Are you thinking about celebrating New Year’s Eve with the kids? This is an excellent way to enjoy quality family time together as you welcome in the new year. Celebrating New Year’s Eve with family can be a new family tradition for years to come. If you’re planning to have an at-home New Year’s Eve party with your family and need some family-friendly ideas, then continue reading to learn how you can enjoy this special holiday together.

Ideas for Celebrating New Year's Eve at Home with Kids

Ideas for Celebrating New Year’s Eve at Home with Family

Watch Family Videos

Gone are the days of pulling out the old VHS family videos, but you can still gather up a list of your favourite digital family videos. This is an excellent way to enjoy the year in review. Have each family member make a playlist of their favourite family moments captured on video to share on New Year’s Eve for your family video binge-watching pleasure.

Make Fun Food

Let’s face it; you’re never too old to enjoy some fun food ideas! Bake up some New Year’s Eve goodies in the kitchen with your family. Make sure you have plenty of appetisers, finger foods, and beverage options to keep your family full and hydrated during your New Year’s Eve celebration with family. Keep the recipe ideas simple so that you can serve them on a platter and dine in the family room together.

Set Up a Photo Booth

Get little ones (and big ones!) giggling by setting up your own photo booth! Fill a box with a selection of fun props like hats, glasses and wigs and have fun dressing up and taking photographs of each other. You could add homemade signs, back drops,  frames or even our DIY party blowers to add to the fun. 

celebrate new years eve with kids by making party blowers.

Countdown to New Year

Have fun counting down the hours til midnight by making New Years Eve countdown bags. Fill gift bags with fun games and treats and then add clock faces to each bag. Each hour find the bag with the matching time and open it for a fun surprise. You could add anything to the bags, glo sticks, party blowers, yummy treats, easy crafts, party poppers, crackers, the list is endless. 

celebrate new years eve with kids with countdown bags

Celebrate Another Country’s New Year

If you’re going to start your New Year’s Eve celebration with younger kids, then maybe make plans to have two celebrations. For the younger kids, you can watch another country’s New Year’s Eve celebration before you tuck the little ones into bed. Once they’re asleep, you can proceed to celebrate with your older kids and the rest of the family.

Make New Years Resolutions

Write down your New Year’s resolutions! Get each family member to think about what they would like to achieve in the year ahead. Make resolutions individually and as a family. Hang the resolutions on a family room wall to inspire everyone to be accountable for their resolution in the New Year.

We have two New Years resolution printables that you might find useful:

New Years resolution worksheet
Best memory of last year and wish for the new year activity page

celebrate new years eve with kids with this resolution worksheet

Make a New Year Memory Jar

Making a memory jar is a lovely family tradition to start. Simply decorate an empty jar and when something exciting, funny or special happens throughout the year add a note about it to the memory jar. Next New Years Eve empty out the jar and read about all those fun memories. 

celebrate new years eve with kids and make a memory jar

Get the Toast Ready

Two things matter on New Year’s Eve, that midnight kiss and midnight toast! While you surely can’t have alcoholic beverages for the kids, you can get some sparkling water or juice to ring in the New Year with a midnight toast to their favourite juice. This can be served in champagne glasses so that your kids feel like they’re toasting the New Year's arrival just like their parents.

Watch fireworks

Nothing says New Year like fireworks. Whether you watch a firework display on the tele, set off a few fireworks in your garden or hand out sparklers, fireworks are a great way to ring in the new year. If you don't mind the mess you could do some firework crafts too!  

ideas for celebrating new years eve with family at home

These are just some of the fun ideas for celebrating New Year’s Eve with the family that will help you enjoy an evening full of fun, memory flashbacks, and quality time together before the New Year arrives.

We also have a selection of  New Years Eve Activities for kids

ideas for celebrating new years eve with kids

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