Miss Polly had a Dolly

Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick sick sick.  This pretend play activity is perfect for acting out the nursery rhyme "Miss Polly had a dolly" and role playing doctors and nurses. The kids loved using stickers to make our dolly sick. 

Miss Polly nursery rhyme pretend play activity for toddlers preschoolers eyfs

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Miss Polly had a Dolly pretend play:

The first thing we did after getting dressed up as doctors was to use our red dot stickers to cover our doll in spots to make her sick.  

Miss Polly had a Dolly nursery rhyme pretend play activity for kids preschoolers toddlers eyfs.

The kids loved adding and taking off the stickers and we ended up with a very sick looking dolly. 

Doctors and nurses pretend play activity for kids

Harry wanted to check the dolly to see what was making her sick.  

Playing doctors role play activity for kids

Daisy loved copying Harry taking things out of the doctors bag and taking them over to the dolly. 

Miss polly had a dolly nursery rhyme doctor and nurse play

She looked after her dolly and rocked her in her bed.  

dressing up doctor miss polly had a folly nursery rhyme

It would have been great to have some paper to write prescriptions and bills for medicine but Harry wasn't keen on this idea.  He was more interested in turning himself into the patient. 

doctors pretend play for preschoolers

This was a lovely activity to get the children playing together and they both really enjoyed themselves. 

doctors pretend play with dolls for toddlers and preschoolers: miss polly had a dolly

We used these red dot stickers to cover all of Harry's cuddly toys with spots when he had chicken pox. He though it was great that his teddies had come down with chicken pox too!

Harry: Age 4
Daisy: Age 14 months

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