Pirate Treasure Chest Craft

Arrrr...me hearties! Get involved in talk like a pirate day by making a pirate treasure chest.  This simple 5 minute craft is perfect for young kids.  It's makes a great prop for pretend play or could be used for a pirate treasure hunt. 

 Egg carton treasure chest craft for kids

To celebrate talk like a pirate day on September 19th we have joined a blog hop hosted by 'Peakle Pie' to create a pirate themed day.  Scroll to the bottom of this activity for more details. 

To make a treasure chest you will need:

  • Egg carton (happy egg cartons are great as they are already a perfect colour for a treasure box)
  • Gold paint
  • Sequins
  • Treasure

How to make a treasure chest from an egg carton

  1. Peel any stickers off your egg box and paint two gold strips across the top.
  2. While the paint is wet lay on a few sequins.  They should stick to the paint. 
  3. Add a lock to the front of the treasure box and leave to dry. 

How to make an egg carton treasure chest

Get hunting for pieces of treasure!!!

Egg carton pirate treasure chest craft for kids

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  1. Arrr me hearties! We love this cute treasure box! Thank you for joining in with Pirates! Blog Hop on Peakle Pie :)

  2. These make perfect chests for hiding treasure! Arrr! (Couldn't resist... ;)

  3. Love this! We did X marks the Spot last year in preschool. It would have been perfect! Pinning this so I'll remember when that time rolls around again. :)
    Sinea from Ducks 'n a Row


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