Thursday, 18 December 2014

Dinosaur Small World

Have fun playing in a dinosaur swamp! Small kids will love this messy dinosaur small world.  It was so much fun to set up and play with.  The island is made from gloopy gloop (or slime or goop or whatever you like to call it) which is fantastic for sensory play.  
Dinosaur small world sensory play activity ideas for toddlers and preschoolers.
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To make our dinosaur island we mixed up some gloopy gloop by mixing cornflour (or corn starch) and water together with a bit of green food colouring  (For more details on how to mix gloop click here)

We poured the gloop onto our tuff tray and then added trees, dinosaurs and a truck to make a dinosaur small world. I left a few biscuit cutters, scoops, scrapers, spoons and plastic cake cases on the tray for harry to use in his play if he wanted to. 

Dinosaur small world imaginative play ideas for toddlers and preschoolers.

Harry loved taking the dinosaurs on adventures. He made tracks and footprints using the truck and the dinosaurs and he thought it was hilarious to pull the island apart using his hands.  He had a great time hiding (and making me hide) the dinosaurs by covering their eyes with gloop! 

Dinosaur small world sensory play ideas for kids.

Harry played with his dinosaur island for over an hour and after a while the gloopy gloop started to form back into a solid. 

Harry enjoyed picking up the dried gloop and pouring it between containers, but his favourite part of this activity was definitely MAKING A MESS!!! 

Dinosaur small world sensory play activities for kids.

Harry: Age 3

Dinosaur small world sensory play ideas for kids. Simple activities for toddlers and preschooler

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