Flower Handprint Craft

Do you have loads of your kids paintings lying around the house that you can't bring yourself to throw away?  I love being able to get creative and find a use for all the kids art I have acquired.   These flower handprints are made using a painting made by Daisy (6 months).  Click here to see how we made the painting

I made this flower picture using one of Daisy's first paintings. My plan was to draw around her hands to make the flowers, but drawing around her wriggly little hands on the artwork was far harder than I thought it would be!  After several failed attempts I traced over some handprints we had made using an inkless wipe (UK link/ US link).  I traced the hand shapes onto white paper, cut them out and then drew around them on the painting I wanted to use. 

I cut out the two hand shapes and stuck them onto green card. I then added stems using green foam and glued on a ribbon bow. This craft makes a lovely keepsake and/ or greeting card.

This post is part of a 60 day junk play challenge hosted by Best Toys 4 Toddlers.  Click here for more inspiration on how to get creative with junk. 

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